Witches of East End 02×12&13: ‘Box to the Future’ & ‘For Whom the Spell Tolls: Beauchamps are dropping like flies


In the last episode, Joanna, Wendy, and Freya jumped through a time door as if we were in the Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Halloweentown”, to retrieve a box that captures an evil spirits soul. Joanna used it once on an evil spirit that inhabited Freya’s body, which is why she knew it would work. Well, the box they originally came for was destroyed in a battle between Joanna and Tarkoff. Who might I ask is total weirdo. Yeah dude, we get that you are in love with Joanna but can you not syringe her body with this red stuff making her weak and go all Stockholm syndrome on her? Thanks. He’s stuck in 1848 now because the door was closed on him. While they were there, 2014 Freya and Edgar Allen Poe got to know each other, and he helped them get the key back from 1848 Wendy. So maybe, Freya telling Poe the secret about witches was a good thing. Are you following? I know, this is a lot to take in. Long story short, they went to the past, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. 

Dash’s name is Bastian in Asgard. This is not really helpful news, but I thought I would let you know. He got a visit from the king, and he was told to keep away from Ingrid. What is with Dash’s serious lazy eye when he was talking to King Nicholas? Did anyone else know that was his name? I didn’t. I only remember them calling him grandfather or Father. I personally coined him, Grandadsgard. Haha Get It?

Anyways, Dash was arrested by the annoying cop, Raven, for the murder of Kyle Hutton. Which is totally fair. Right? Or are we okay with giving him leeway just because he’s a main character?



Last we saw of Killian, he drank a poison that would kill him. On purpose, so he could be with Freya in the next life, and they wouldn’t have bad luck following them everywhere. But that took a turn for the worst, and this show became a Shakespeare story because Freya was alive and he didn’t know it. I think the entire audience of this show did a collective, “I CAN’T” when that happen. Freya came to him to in a dream or vision of whatever you would like to call it telling him she was alive, and gave him a red flower. He called Ingrid with this info and she gave him a Lotus Root Potion that wouldn’t save him but keep him alive for longer.

When Freya finally gets to Killian, he is dead. But not for long, but the Shakespeare story became Snow White. Freya cried over his lifeless body, kissed him one last time, and wouldn’t you know it. True Love’s kiss woke him up. (In the distance, you can hear everyone going “I Can’t” again). These last three episodes were so cheesy.

Before Dash was arrested, Ingrid went over to Fairhaven, to recreate Archibald Browning’s evil journal that she originally threw into the fireplace. Dash promised not to read it, but he did(BECAUSE HES EVIL), which ended up being half a good thing and half a bad thing. A good thing because Frederick extracted what Dash read from his subconscious. A bad thing because he used it against Killian at the end of the show. Finally, Killian and Freya can be together and in comes Dash, turning Snow White into Freaky Friday. Switching places with Killian. So now, Killian is inside Dash’s body, stuck in jail; Away from Freya. And Dash is roaming free, inside Killian’s body essentially raping Freya. This is just all too much. But that is the craziest news. When Ingrid gets home from Dash’s place, the king drops a bomb. Ingrid is pregnant. Most likely with Dash’s child, because I really cannot with her being pregnant by way of Blue-Avatar-Mandragora. INGRID. IS. PREGNANT. Speaking of Pregnant, can we please know what happened to her pregnant friend from season 1?



Frederick was good! I always knew it. I knew the storyline was bringing us back and forth to confuse us, but I always had a feeling he was the good guy! So proud of Freddy. He tried to stab the king, but the king knew and stabbed him first. “SANA SANA SANA.” But either way, Frederick is dead. He was killed by a mystery person who I believe to be a woman because of the shoes. This person stabbed Frederick and wrote out “Death to Witches” in Frederick’s blood. I am upset. I am sad. And I am not ready for Joanna’s waterworks. Does Freya know he’s dead? They are twins, after all. Aren’t they connected? Can’t she feel him? Or is that too True Blood for this show?

Grandfather King Nicholas was defeated, finally by none other than The Key(Ingrid), The Dagger(Joanna), The Traveler(Freya) and The Bridge(Wendy). That was a pretty dramatic scene to be honest. I’m not sure I understand Wendy’s name. The Bridge? As in The Bridge between two species?

And finally, the worst news of the evening. Wendy is dead as well. Wendy killed herself. She took her own life, and gave it to Tommy; to repay him for all he’s done and to apologize for not taking his memory of witches away from him. Wendy. Is. Dead. Excuse me while I freak out.

THE EPISODE ENDS WITH WENDY IN A FIREY PIT AND THE EVIL SISTER THAT WE ONLY HEARD OF ONCE, ELENA(I Think?), says “Good to see you again, sister.” in a scary tone.




It better be picked up for another season. Even though, it will never be the same if Wendy isn’t with the girls.

What did you think of the season finale? Was it all you hoped for and more?

P.S. When Dash was arrested. Did Raven the cop say, “Dashal Gardiner”? DASHAL?

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  • Bruna

    I gotta say that I loved episode. I love that Killian and Freya are so cheesy. And I hated Dash SO MUCH. Still I thought their curse was finally broken after the true love kiss, Dash didn’t get the news I guess lol
    About Wendy I’m honestly not worried, they will probably make a “Hel” story with this new sister and the underworld. Oh, and I guess Wendy is the bridge because she’s the bridge between worlds? Like that bridge of Asgard in real mythology? Maybe she has this gift. Well, I really can’t wait for season 3. I’m optimistic about it!