Veep 3×09/3×10 ‘Crate/New Hampshire’: Beyoncé called me a single lady!


In the two-part season finale of Veep, Selina gets congratulated and called a single lady by Beyoncé when the team reaches “Defcon Fun.”

What a fantastic season of television. Season three of Veep wasn’t just the best season of an already stellar comedy, it was one of the funniest seasons of television I have ever seen (Trust me, I’ve seen quite a bit). Veep focused on changing up character relationships, establishing new conflicts with old and new rivals, and changing the status quo of Team Veep in a big way. Selina Meyer is now President of the United States! And that happened in the first episode.

Before Selina was sworn in as President, she still had to go through her typical fumbles and goofs. This was one big flop after another. In an attempt to make Selina look more “folksy” (you know, for the folks) Selina begins taking a box on the campaign trail so she can stand on it and yell at people from street corners like a true American. During an interview with a reporter who discovered Selina’s box cost $1,200 dollars (YUP) her and Team Veep accidentally begin openly discussing some not-so-nice ways of describing potential donors to her campaign. This effectively put Selina in full meltdown mode as she began blaming everyone but herself for the constant failures and turmoil.

Even though these are our protagonists, namely Selina, these are not good people. Selina is a horrible choice for President. She’s only good at pretending she’ll be a good choice. I don’t know how they do it, but the show still manages to get us to root for Team Veep. So when Selina begins falling apart during an interview with a Muslim couple who went through tragic circumstances to get to the Uniteed States (They hid in a well for five days!) we still feel for her. All her hard work is crumbling before her. Then Kent, acting weirder than his usual weird-weird, tells Selina she will be sworn in as President in 48 hours, we’re happy for her. She’s a horrible person, but I was enthusiastic about her new status. And who better to share it with than Gary?

Gary’s adoration of Selina is adorably pathetic. Selina abuses and manipulates him to such a degree that his faulty shoulder has come back into play. I’m surprised Gary lasted the entire season without having to find a new role in the entourage. I wish Gary the best of luck because he’s no longer the Vice President’s bag man. Gary is now the President’s bag man.

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And then reality set in…

Selina is still a bad choice for a Presidential candidate. In less than a week Selina proved that she could screw up simply by miscommunication. Then to add insult to injury, her repair to the miscommunication caused a disaster for the US foreign policy. THEN she misquoted the oath of office and trie to rectify that by using her “folksy” appeal to bring in some more support. It was too late. She lost New Hampshire to Danny Chung and Selina came in third place. Even the Nazis came in second place.



Yes, Selina will still be campaigning next season to keep her Presidency. But it took a suicidal FLOTUS to get POTUS out of office so she could step up and be America’s leader. There’s no way she’ll keep the Presidency. If she does, it won’t be with grace or committed resolve. It will be with ferocious anger and lines like “I’m the f***ing president! I can f*** whoever I want now!”

Mike and the rest of the team had great little moments throughout the episode but too many to list them all. I’ll just throw down some highlights:

  • I’m wowed by the mileage the writers and actors are getting out of the Kent/Sue minor subplot relationship. It has no effect on the overall story whatsoever. In any other show, it might seem like a waste of time or a frustration that we don’t get to see it up close and personal. But here it’s a stroke of genius.
  • Dan and Jonah’s ever stable rivalry of political manipulation is also situationally evolving. Jonah truly is like a cockroach. He just. Won’t. Die. Physically and metaphorically. You can drop a career atom bomb on him and he’ll just flutter away. Now he’s back in the White House. I can’t wait to see where Jonah goes next season.
  • Celebrities celebrating Selina’s election by sending in congratulations with the exception of Ashton Kutcher, who sent it through his assistant. Amazing.
  • “There are so many people in here. It’s like a Mormon orgy.”
  • Dan actually congratulating Amy without any motivation was an oddly sincere scene.
  • These last three (two-part finale included) episodes have seemingly underutilized Catherine. Don’t get me wrong, these episodes rank among the shows best episodes, but Catherine hasn’t been put in a riotously funny situation in either of them. Or maybe I just feel spoiled by her great work in earlier episode in the season

I think it’s safe to say that this was the best year for Veep yet. See you next season!

"In what world is that a good picture?!" SOURCE: HBO

“In what world is that a good picture?!”

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