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Veep 3×08 ‘Debate’: Third R is the charm


Team Veep deals with a haircut, a beard, a twitch, and a whole lot of candidacy.

Amy becoming the official campaign manager for Selina was one of Veep’s most heartfelt moments. Amy’s machinations that pitted Jonah against Dan and caused his mental breakdown gave us an Amy with an edge – and one that kicked off her managing days with a bang.

Dan’s emotional breakdown had him return with a more collected focus that worked surprisingly well. The Zen master approach had him being a voice of reason and calmly aiming to restore a peaceful balance to the team. By the episode’s end, he was back to calling Jonah “Jack and the Giant Freakstock.” And it all goes to show us that politics doesn’t have a positive effect on any of our central characters.

Amy thrives because this is all she truly knows or cares about. Outside of work, she has her family and her boyfriend but she only gives a damn about two of those things (HINT: It’s not her boyfriend).

Mike’s marriage hit its first rough spot because of conflicting interests in FLOTUS and the Ray situation. He just got his personal life happy ending and it’s a bummer to see the workplace crawl into his home life and cause disturbance there as well.

On the flipside, Kent and Sue’s relationship seems to have hit a bumpy road last week with their abrupt phone call. Kent proclaiming not to make a scene as he made a huge scene of their argument was hilarious. This whole relationship is the most ancillary approach to character pairing I’ve seen on a television show. And yet it is intriguing, hilarious, and all around entertaining. Whether or not it’s leading towards anything isn’t important. It’s just a cherry subplot on top of an impeccable season.

The real meat of the story took place with the return of Congressman Furlong as he joined the team to watch a debate between candidates. Selina found herself at a disadvantage thanks to a not-so-flattering haircut inspired by Gary and a wicked twitch that was more than noticeable. Thanks to an astonishing final minute save with an effective use of the word “Repel,” Selina is back in the game.

What’s more astonishing is the downfall of Maddox and indirectly Jonah. Maddox seemed to be the primary opponent to Selina in her race toward the Presidency. I was foolish. That’s too simple. It was Thornhill still proved to be a worthy opponent to Selina. He’s an honest everyman who isn’t afraid to own up to his flaws. Basically he’s everything Selina isn’t. Let’s hope they don’t continue to underestimate him.



Random Final Thought: Catherine is back but isn’t utilized to her full effect. She’s always a sweet spot to see on the show but hardly delivered the episodes most LOL worthy moment. I don’t know if anything will ever top the “POW! Right in the kisser!”


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