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Veep 3×07 ‘Special Relationship’: Daniwah!


Selina and Team Veep go to the Kingdom of Hats and Dan proves his worth. More after the break but first… Daniwah!

Fish out of water comedy is a fine line when it comes to comedy. It’s important to not stray too far off into stereotypical or offensive territory. Veep plays perfectly with these expectations and turns the comedy strongly and adamantly against Selina Meyer. She’s never been particularly well spoken so Selina versus the London politicians and reporters was good fun for us, a near disaster for her.

Selina trying out London’s most bitter pints of beer was hysterical. Her reaction was that of a child trying her first sour skittle. The reporters egging her on with “Down in one!” and her translating it as “Daniwah!” had me laughing out loud. The embarrassment factor was only increased when Selina discreetly met with the German counselor but was given away by her giant hat. Classic Selina.



Of course the disaster is all thanks to Dan and his faulty management skills. It was only a matter of time before Dan broke due to the pressure. If he had been exposed to gamma radiation, he would have Hulk’d out in this episode. Dan’s manipulations by trying to keep Selina in a sex bubble with ray eventually burst. It was one of the most satisfying moments in the series. The only thing more satisfying that Dan’s eventual downfall was Selina finally – and rightly – made Amy her campaign manager. It can all be traced back to Ray…

I would’ve pegged Ray for a one and done character but Chris Meloni dominated in the air-headed role of Selina’s fitness manager. Kent and Ben’s utter disbelief at just how stupid Ray actually was. Kent, Ben, and Ray deserve to be a buddy cop drama.  I don’t know if I’d want this character to return once again. If they can continue to use Meloni to strong effect, I’d be content.

Amy undermining Dan through Jonah was a play that I never expected from her. She’s always had more of a conscience but the fact that she could cross these lines might make her a more formidable manager than Dan. Actually she will almost certainly be a better manager. It gave us Amy using a Downton Abbey impression and a happy dance. I’d call this episode a win. Not for Selina, but definitely for us.

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