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Veep 3×06 ‘Detroit’: Feminism: Reloaded


Team Veep heads to Detroit. Selina tries to be conservative and liberal when it comes to firearms. Catherine becomes an overnight sensation. It’s a mess for them, fun for us.

Whenever Team Veep gets out of the office, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up with Team Veep as they head to Detroit, how could this episode not be great? I’ll admit that the opening few minutes of this episode were fine but didn’t do much to build off the momentum of Season 3. Detroit might be the weakest episode of the season but it is still miles ahead of most other comedies.

Jonah is a political zombie. Not like the zombies that get resurrected from The Walking Dead. Rather, the zombies of voodoo lore that get resurrected by someone with great power. That person happens to be his uncle. Jonah doesn’t feed on brains. He feeds on the power high that comes with getting an advantage over Team Veep. Even after being discredited in two different jobs, Jonah won’t stay dead. No amount of decapitations or bullets to the head will keep this zombie down. He keeps getting resurrected.

On a much lighter, but still antagonistic note, is the return of Minna Hakkinen. Minna, now ex-prime minister of Finland, has come to moderate a panel where Selina is going to announce 7,000 jobs and become the “Fairy Jobmother,” as Gary puts it. Minna isn’t intentionally trying to hurt Selina. It’s her kind and overtly trustful demeanor that paints a target on Selina’s back. She accidentally spills the beans to Jonah about Selina’s comment on gun control. Then she politely forces Selina to tell a crowd of people that about the 7,000 jobs she created without any knowledge that Andrew actually went behind Selina’s back to give those jobs away in six months. She is literally too nice for American politics. It’s kind of adorable.

Chris Meloni does fine work here as Ray. Ray doesn’t contribute much to the group other than being a fitness guru. He’s a great addition because of it. He’s also hooking up with Selina to keep her distracted from ex-hubby Andrew. Dan proves he isn’t completely falling apart as campaign manager. He still has veins profusely popping out of his neck whenever the slightest detail goes wrong but he gets people. And hey, Dan’s idea for Selina to use Ray even sprouted another good idea! Get support for the VP by heading to a gun show where she treads the line of being liberal and conservative simultaneously. Both things went fine for a while before Catherine stole Selina’s thunder and Andrew charmed his way back to Selina’s bedside.



As I mentioned earlier, Catherine’s presence is always a good sign for Veep. She’s this persevering innocence that tries to avoid the filthiness of politics that her mother relishes. Catherine is was never incorruptible, but she was vigilant in her ideals of pacifism. And then she punched a shooter in the face and the world cheered. “POW! Right in the kisser!” a moment so fast and hilarious I had to go back and watch it a few more times. Sweet innocent Catherine became an overnight sensation “America’s Next Top Redneck” and even stole some of her mom’s thunder at a gun convention. Selina wasn’t too happy about that but with the campaign trail heating up, it’s hard for her to focus on just one aspect of her life anymore.



The jumping plotlines in this show don’t tie together as cohesively as another HBO show like Game of Thrones, but that’s the point. Team Veep hops around like several dozen chickens without heads. Politics is messy, aggravating, and unintentionally hilarious.

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