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Veep 3×05 ‘Fishing’: In the a** of the hurricane


An ex-baseball coach makes waves on the campaign trails, Gary helps Mike harbor a secret, and Selina meets with a potential campaign manager.

Dan, Sue, Amy, Gary, Ben, and Kent get the rest of the campaign workers up to speed on Selina’s campaign. Only she has no campaign manager still. So Selina decides to meet with Bill Erikson. Erikson is Amy without the conscience and Dan minus the 5% that needs to be loved. We’re more than aware that our Team Veep is full of sociopaths and egotistical jerks, but they’re out sociopathic-egotistical-jerks. That being said, it’s still pretty funny to watch a guy like Bill Erikson come in and run down the reasons why Selina should fire them if she’s truly committed to winning the presidency in 2016.



Gary’s shoulder bit through the season continuously worries me. Now that his doctor said he needs to look for another job, Gary needs to find a new place in the team or draw it out until he gets fired. Last week I mentioned Gary could join Jonah’s Ryantology team, but even that seems to be out of the question. Jonah seems to be discredited after last week’s failed Clovis buyout and ends up working for Maddox. Jonah is a cockroach. You can drop a couple career nukes around him, but he’ll always flutter back to the center. And he keeps fluttering back to the center because Jeff Cain, “the New Hampshire guy” is his uncle.

As for the rest of Team Veep, they were in much funnier situations. In the words of the great Mike McClintock “Dan, watching you try to be nice is like watching a baby smoke a cigarette. It’s kind of cool but also very disturbing.” So yeah, Dan officially became the new campaign manager after Selina tried hiring Erikson. Dan is known to crack under severe pressure but he is also resourceful as hell. I’m hoping Amy can be mature about Selina choosing him and actually help ground the team as they move forward. On a lesser note, a lesser show would have added a Dan/Selina relationship to further complicate things but thankfully Dan mentioned that he once killed a stray dog. Yeah it was weird and I feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Meanwhile, Gary discovers Mike and his wife are trying IVF, meaning that Mike has to adhere to a strict schedule of putting his “little Mike’s” into a cup. Whenever Mike walked around with his cooler I busted up. But here’s where it gets tricky. Nobody up on the hill can apparently keep a secret. Even when Selina finds out about Mike trying IVF, she blabs about it to her potential campaign manager. Erikson turning down Selina’s job to work for the baseball guy (They sure like referring to people as “those guys”) so now an opposing force has the inside scoop on Team Veep. This probably won’t turn out well.



Stray observations:

  • I guess Kent and Sue are dating now? The subtleties in this show are on a whole other level
  • Shout out to the episode ending with a drunk Gary and several others trying to throw the contents of Mike’s bag on Jonah’s door.
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