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Veep 3×04 ‘Clovis’: Flying Hitler


We learned a couple new things this week on Veep. Mike is too happy being married, Selina Meyer became a millionaire in her thirties, porn parodies are a sure sign of success, and Veep is having one heck of a third season.

Clovis and Craig (pronounced Kray-eeg) made for great opposition for our beloved Veep team. There aren’t any antagonists in this show; rather, there’s a sense of passive-aggression coming from Clovis. Craig shows no respect to Selina, calling her by her first name instead of Madame Vice President, constantly delaying the meet-and-greet, and promising her his 1000% attention before he turns his back to discuss another business meeting. He doesn’t care about politics. He just wants to help Selina so she can help him get some tax cuts (all the tax cuts).

There’s a cult-like persona with Clovis, showing how their workers are happy and youthful, but the smiles go unwarranted. Craig’s assistant, Melissa, slaps on one of the most forced grins in history as she deals with adults who never matured over the age of 20. Has she always been isolated in her maturity at Clovis, or has she reached her breaking point? It doesn’t matter. All Melissa wants now is to hire Amy to help balance out the constant immaturity and false happiness.



Of course, Amy would never leave Selina’s side. She’s going to be promoted to campaign manager of course! Even though she’s done nothing to show for it. I love Amy’s constant lack of empathy for children. It’s cruel and seemingly unwarranted, but lines like “You know they say all babies are cute. Whoever they are should be stuck in a stroller and pushed into traffic.”



With Amy too busy focusing on her aggression towards babies and flushing toilets that leaves Dan open for the slot of campaign manager. Not only is Dan open for the position, he’s constantly leveling the playing field for Selina against her competitors. Here we see Dan use Jonah to bring attention to Governor Chung – who may or may not have committed war crimes in the Middle East. Although it wasn’t as severe as his angry outburst during the abortion discussion, Dan Egan loses his cool too often. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty, so he’s a viable member of the team, but he’s a powder keg when it comes to stressful situations.

Much less of a powder keg, but also not much of a team player, is Gary. He meanders from scene to scene with seemingly no purpose. That’s the point. Selina might not need Gary anymore. He couldn’t be an idea man a few episodes ago. Now he can barely lift his arm because of some shoulder pains. I fear for what this means for Gary. Either Gary can pull through this to find another pivotal spot on the team, or his days on the Veep campaign might come to a close. Maybe he can join Jonad’s Ryantology team?


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