Under the Dome 3×12 ‘Incandescence’: Preparing for the end

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I was so hoping I wouldn’t have to say good-bye to another show this year, but I’m not all that surprised. I think I’ve hated this show for longer than I’ve loved it, but I am upset to see it go on such a weird though higher note than I thought it would go out on. Last night’s episode finally revealed what made this show great from the beginning. And that is, how messed up and wonderful the characters are. Yeah, they’ve had their periods of being pretty stereotypical, but their panic, their will to survive has been the lynch pin to this series.

And the lack of the survival show that we all signed up for from the beginning became its downfall. I give them props for taking a chance with going full force on the alien storyline. It was always kind of there from the beginning, but instead of being slightly off in the distance behind the worry of just bringing the Dome down before everyone starved, it hit us full in the face.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

While it was an interesting change of events that did make the show a lot more exciting, it changed too much too quickly for anyone who loved a different show to keep up. Basically, it fast tracked its own demise by putting every card on the table, and making us deal with it.
I did like it for what it was this season, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t pull a 180 on the plot while drastically changing character personalities without there being consequences.

As I see it, this show always had a quickly approaching expiration date. How long could they really stay under that Dome before it got stale? We saw that exact same thing happen last year, and maybe in different hands with a different reasoning behind the Dome’s existence, it could have lasted as long as other survival dramas like Lost, but what they had is what we got.

Now, this episode did prove that it had some of its old self still left, and my heart was thumping through most of it because I was hoping no one would get killed since everyone was sweating and panicking! It really did bring me back, on a smaller scale, to the pilot episode where everyone was losing their collectives minds because being trapped under a Dome is SCARY AS HELL.

I think with all the inner turmoil of the town, especially this season, they kind of forgot the Dome existed even if it was still messing with them like with the Apocalyptic visions and the whole calcifying thing, or as I like to call it “the Dome’s change of life.”

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Since the calcification is getting a thousand times worse, the panic and the uncertainty are back, and it’s raising the stakes for the next episode. The difference from the first episode is that we actually care about the characters now because we spent a few years with them.

Oh and also the threat of the alien spawn, i.e. Eva with a wig and blue eyes running around effing some stuff up is pretty creepy in and of itself. And let’s not forget the elderly drowning themselves to conserve oxygen because that’s not going to leave my mind for a while.

The only thing I didn’t expect in this episode was Christine returning to normal, and it did actually make me sad that she got materialized into the Dome, but I figured it had to happen at some point, and we’ve all been begging for it for weeks.

All in all, the characters who were keeping this show alive are probably going to give their all next week and I’m beyond excited and sad to see the Dome come down once and for all.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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