Under the Dome 3×10 ‘Legacy’: Throwing all the shade

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You trying to get both women at the same time, Barbs?! Eh, I’m just messing with you. You looked like you wanted to puke about a dozen times just from kissing Eva. Your regret is so palpable that even Junior figured you out. And Junior is freaking AWFUL. Like who beats up Joe? Do you hate adorable enthusiasm in a stick figure frame THAT much? I hope someone tries to bring Junior back by hitting him in the head with a shovel. Repeatedly.

But beside the possibility of Barbie not being as true as we hope, I really didn’t pay much attention to this episode. I literally had to watch scenes over because I’d miss a whole scene of dialogue. We can possibly chock that up to the fact that it takes a lot to keep my attention for long periods of times, but in episodes past, I was glued to the darn screen.
So from what I did originally see, I gather that the head honcho of Aktion had to book it because a scientist put an egg back together only to be infected like Christine. The thing is, he told the scientist’s daughter (aka Hunter’s love interest) that her father was dead, but Hunter found files to show that in fact he’s still alive and looking hella creepy.

While this back story is sad and shady as hell, it still doesn’t really tell us much about the aliens besides what their true forms must look like.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

A static-y TV: Perfect. And I guess they’ll all start turning into that even without looking in a mirror.

And we still don’t really know what their true purpose is yet. We know a new queen needs to be born, and by born I mean sucking the life out of a bunch of virgins to grow big and strong. But I guess their endgame is just invading the world as much as possible like body snatchers, which I hope isn’t true because after all of the excitement of this entire season, that end is boring as hell.

The only thing I do know is that they’re probably going to have to whistle at those stones to break the Dome, and that will probably be the most ridiculous scene this season.

But the most important question of this episode is how the hell did Norrie learn how to be a crack shot in the span of a couple of hours and without actually shooting a gun? And yeah that’s the most unrealistic portion of this episode by far.

All in all, this episode was kind of filler-y, so next week better knock my socks off.


Marnie Azzarelli

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