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Under the Dome 3×09 ‘Plan B’: And we’re back!

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I don’t think I have ever mourned a broken ship like I have Jarbie’s (well maybe one), and through the months of harsh words and tonight’s literal torture and fist fight, we finally got Jarbie back with a…kiss? When did this show become Once Upon a Time? Alright I did squeal when he finally broke from the Kinship, but it was still kind of dorky. Also, Barbie better apologize to Indy immediately!

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I do hope that Barbie has been truly broken because those two were looking a little worse for wear by the end of the episode. And yeah, I do have a lot of issues with their relationship and a lot of things that Kinship Barbie brought up about them being problematic together was really relevant, but of course I’d rather side with Julia’s way of thinking. That’s what entertainment is, it defies the laws of physics and realistic relationships.
Julia is fighting for pure love, logic aside. It might have been a three-week relationship, but look at the hell both of them were put through in that time. How many times have both of them almost died, or thought the other one was dead? So yeah, they might not last outside the Dome, but since Joe is a naïve idiot willing to explain all of his plans to the man who killed his sister that might not happen as quickly as the resistance wanted.

Actually the resistance in general has just completely fallen apart this episode, and with the three remaining at the funeral home, I hope they can pull their crap together to take care of crazy Christine and her Dome drones.

How effed up was her part of the show tonight? First, she almost dies and then predicts Eva’s pregnancy with a rock. Then she had more alien sexy times with Junior, and after went to find him his multiple destined “mates” for when she and monogamy are dead. Then, she gets super cultish with the demon spawn in Eva and brings her to a barn with a bunch of freakin virgins dressed in white, which is never, ever, ever a good sign. Like if I wasn’t so obsessed with Jarbie getting back together I would have been really confused and wigged out by Christine’s actions. Oh wait, I was anyway.

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Source: CBS

It seems as if Junior is finally getting his doubts too since baby couldn’t get the girl he wanted and freaked out at Christine about it.

I did enjoy the rest this episode though, and it was a great improvement from last week. I especially loved the Hunter scenes, and I’m glad he’s back to cracking jokes and being adorable. Also, his conversation with Jim was the best scene of the night, and they just need a whole episode to themselves.

I am also still shocked that I enjoy Jim, and for once I really don’t want him to turn into an evil A-hole again after all is said and done. Although that does depend on who lives to the end of the season as well. Please don’t let it be that demon baby or Christine. Please, please, please.

All in all, I’m so happy that we’re back on the weird and entertaining track we were on before, and next week looks super promising.

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