Under the Dome 3×08 ‘Breaking Point’: “Under a Freaking Dome”

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First of all, don’t promise me an apocalypse and not deliver! What the heck?! I was so excited because it upped the ante and whatever, but it had to be an illusion?! Really?! Also, I’m not even playing anymore about how upset Jarbie is making me. This show is too freakin much.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KILLING OFF CAROLYN! She wasn’t even in the show enough episodes to make up a whole season and you just kill her off?!

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Just when I thought the show was going somewhere good, it went somewhere really strange and semi-unneeded. I know with the explosions and everything that this episode looked like it was really moving the plot forward, but for a few key moments at the end, it was truly filler-y.

The only important elements were finding out that emotion is only working at a certain point, that hacker girl isn’t all that she seems, Barbie is fully over to the other side, Sam has glorious hair, Christine wants to murder the resistance, and Julia is willing to sacrifice others to save the people of Chester’s Mill. That’s it.

Oh and the amethysts are screwed and the Dome’s calcifying and whatever.

And I thought we finally got past all the fillers by now! I mean we really didn’t need about twenty scenes of Barbie and Eva holding hands. We all know you did the deed. Hell, even Junior knows, and he’s God freaking awful most of the time, so it’s no secret.

That showdown between Julia and Eva needed some fists flying, but I’m glad Julia is still fighting for her love of Barbie instead of getting beaten down by his words. I also really just want to know what these aliens are already because they kind of just sound like evil Vulcans. I want a little more context please.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

I knew the excitement train would pull into the station at some point, but I hope that this let down of an episode doesn’t color the rest of the season.

The only really great part of the night was Jim. Surprisingly he does have a soul and tried to reach out to his son. Whether most of it was made up or not isn’t very clear, but he did care enough to get his son away from that blast right after telling Julia not to care if Barbie was in the tunnels when the bomb goes off. I guess that means something. I just want to think that Indy made Jim’s heart grow two sizes, and he’s not afraid to love his son anymore, but I doubt the show is going to handle it that way.

All in all, I’m upset about the nonexistent apocalypse, but I’m more upset about Carolyn dying.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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