Under the Dome 3×06 ‘Caged’: Back to your cocoon!

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Awh, we were so close to getting rid of Christine. And I’d like to think that everything would get better if she was gone for good, but even when she was locked up for 90% percent of the episode things went downhill quickly. Like Junior hitting Julia while punishing Joe with manual labor while Eva almost euthanized a paralyzed Hunter because he’s a “burden” quickly. Also, I want more conversations between her and Jim because their scenes were the bomb tonight.

What wasn’t the bomb was how freaking helpless all of the normal people are! I mean they had loads of reasons to feel helpless even before the Dome came down, but by the end of this episode, with the exception of Big Jim and Sam (cos crazy don’t tire) Julia, Norrie, and Joe looked so damn tired.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

It has literally been about a month for them under that thing, and it has gone from a crazy situation to complete insanity, where they’re not even safe around the people they thought they knew. And they know the fight’s not over, but physically, emotionally they are worn to the bone.

Julia especially because who does she have except for a man who only cares about covering his ass and his dog’s? That scene with Barbie had to be the roughest scene of the whole season so far because it just looks like Barbie is constantly towing that line between going over to the Kinship or not, and his tirade to the woman he’s already threatened to hurt just pushed him the rest of the way. And she was only trying to help.

Of course Rachelle Lefevre played it perfectly because Julia is not an overly emotional woman, and to see how much of what he said emptied her out even further of the emotions that she was trying to bottle up was so painful.

She doesn’t so much follow Jim because she wants to, but she follows him to find something, anything, since all of what she had was ripped from her. That just has to hurt.

Hopefully she’ll get through it (as she has everything else), and hopefully Barbie will stop being so damn thick! At least he’s still refusing Eva and that’s a blessing because Eva is turning into pure evil. As is Junior, who ironically is embodying the cruelty of his father yet again, but is beyond blind because this mob-mentality-cult infection is creepy as hell.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

It’s still surprising me how deep this show is willing to go, and while what’s ailing the citizens is supernatural in its form, the heavy group-think in this episode seemed painfully real. Most of us have the basic story of what happens in cults, and the writers are eerily connecting the two down to the people willing to die for the Kinship. It’s awful and terrifying, and it does seem like such a hopeless situation for the heroes.

And if next week’s preview is any indication it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

All in all, I’m starting to love the direction the show is taking, and I’m glad it’s kind of grounding itself in realism once again. Also, you go Sam!

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