Under the Dome 3×05 “Alaska”: Am I watching a fanfiction?!

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Wait, wait, what am I watching? I’m not complaining because it’s dark and crazy, and beyond weird, but this is not the show I remember slugging from a thrilling premiere to a shocking/cliffhanger finale last summer. It literally feels like someone took the same characters that we know and (kind of) love and threw them into a newer, darker scenario where the Dome doesn’t really matter as much anymore. It’s really all about the manipulative leader that could make the citizens of Chester’s Mill toss themselves off of a roof like some damn lemmings just to get what she wants, which we still don’t really know what that is, and it’s getting annoying.

Oh, and the Dome is like a womb, and I think the cavern is a vagina, which just reminds me of various Literature classes I took where everything was either a phallus or a vagina.

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This beam screams phallus

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As does this bat.

God, Barbie is manly.

Well anyway, I don’t understand how we got to this point in the series, or exactly why, but any sense of realism that was somewhat established before has now completely disappeared.

I’m not saying that this show was the epitome of realism, but there were a couple of points where it felt like a Dome could actually fall over all of our heads at any time. This show was built on the plot line that these people needed to survive, and yeah a lot of sci-fi weirdness has been thrown in since season one, but it has never completely ruled the plot as it does now.

Instead of tastes of the sci-fi genre mixed in with a classic survival story, it’s just entirely a sci-fi/horror show that’s strangeness overpowers the original story. Again, that’s not entirely a bad thing, this show needed a new direction, but I think the suddenness of it is what’s jarring me.

It’s also from how differently a lot of the main characters are acting as well. Obviously we know what Barbie and Junior have done in this episode wasn’t completely in their control, and we can say the same for every other citizen under Christine’s power. And that changes everything because now instead of being utterly shocked at the mayhem they’re causing we can distance ourselves from it since we know for a fact that it’s not truly them.

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And since the dream team of Julia and Jim are basically trapped under a government conspiracy, and Big Jim suddenly loves the dog Indy, all of the characters kind of feel out of place.

Joe and Norrie might be the only ones that are keeping it grounded to what we know, and I love that because it totally upped the creep factor on what’s happening to the rest of them because those two also know that the rest of the citizens aren’t the same as they were last season.

That’s probably the point of this entire season. We’re supposed to be as distraught and uncomfortable as Joe and Norrie because these characters that we thought we knew aren’t the same anymore.

Also, is it just me or was this episode particularly dark. I’m not saying this show is known for its fun plot-line and light banter, but this one was just rough.

First there was the freakin cavern, alien sex mixed with that disturbing goop, then the roof falling and killing people on purpose, Abby then killing herself on Christine’s request, Barbie then beating a man to death, and then to top it off with a cherry we almost got to watch an adorable dog get his throat slit. What the hell?! Are you trying to traumatize me for God’s sake?

All in all this was a really good episode, but I think what we’ll get for the rest of the season is nothing we’ve ever seen on this show before, and I’m a little on the fence on whether that’s a good thing or not.


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