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Under the Dome 3×03 ‘Redux’: Ding dong the witch is…oh crap

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Prepare for world domination, kiddies because there’s a new monarch in town. And while she’s bending everyone to her will, all of my OTPs decided to be awful to each other, so you know what? I give up. Just ruin everything, lady. That’s fine by me. At least this show is finally giving me something to care about, so points to that!

Wow, that’s two weeks in a row now that I was on the edge of my seat. I cannot believe it. Out of the muck of muddied plot points, this show is rising up to become something that is beautiful and painful at the same time. Kind of like how Junior is losing his damn mind: gorgeous, but unnerving.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

And you just know it’s a weird day when Domehead is the only one making sense. Hell, even the dog trusts him more than the pod people, and their alien overlord. Strange things sure are happening in Chester’s Mill.

That was the thing that scared me the most though. Not only was Jim right (hell has officially frozen over by the way), but now these people who thought they had free will, but they didn’t, returned to the Dome thinking that they still had free will, but haha jokes on you because a piece of rock is guiding your decision making.

It’s also giving my fave characters relationship advice like holding Eva’s hand even though Julia is the only one you should EVER LOVE, BARBIE! NOW GO BACK TO BED WITH HER. Obviously, the Cocoon Queen needs Barbie to mate with Eva for some reason, or she’s a fanfic writer that doesn’t like Jarbie together and HAPPY for once.

It truly is freaky though, and kind of changes the whole dynamic of what we knew of the Dome and what it was before. I’m guessing Christine died from touching the egg, but came back not entirely herself, and was called upon to colonize the people of Chester’s Mill for some reason.

It also changes the dynamics of the characters now too, which, while upsetting, is something that has been terribly needed. I’m really interested to see these characters explore themselves, especially when they come to the inevitable realization that they are not entirely in charge of their decisions at the moment. And while that plot point is interesting, I don’t know how long they can actually drag it out before Monarch lady gets stabbed in the back.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Get it? Also, so long undead, untrustworthy Melanie. I think I’ll actually miss you and your adorable manipulation tactics.

All in all, we have a lot more answers than we did last week, but even more questions too. I’m glad though because the show finally picked a direction to go in that didn’t include the old storyline of “People do bad thing, Dome does bad thing to people” that we got last year. This season seems more promising, and that’s just hella weird.

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