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Under the Dome 2×07 ‘Going Home’ : Escape

We’ve now reached the episode where the entire premise of the show gets destroyed. A show about being trapped under a dome kind of loses itself once you find a way to get out from under the dome. Now the question is, what’s going to happen next week that causes the cliff vortex to close, or otherwise stop everyone in town from jumping down to freedom. But until those things are addressed, let’s talk about what went down this week.

On a literal level, Barbie went down to the caves, to retrieve Sam’s body. I’ll say without hesitation that the scene with Barbie getting pulled down and sacrificing himself to save the others was well done. It was scary, it was suspenseful, it worked. Even if none of us believed for a second that Barbie was dead. He’s too pretty and too much of a lead character to die in the first 5 minutes of an episode.

Maybe this is stupid, but for the first moments after Barbie landed, I thought he’d gone back in time. That he’d fallen back to his hometown in 1988, and he’d run into a Melanie that didn’t know who the hell he was. Sounds far-fetched, but to paraphrase Norrie, everything about the show is crazy at this point. Oh well, at least I was right about Barbie’s location, just got the timeline utterly wrong.

Now, I know there was at least one person who gave Barbie a weird look after seeing that gaping wound on the back of his neck, but most of the people he passed seemed oddly chill about it. I could understand this non-reaction if he was in New York or L.A., where crazy stuff is par for the course, but in a small town like that? You’d think more people would show some kind of reaction to all that blood. The same goes for Sam and his injuries. They weren’t as obvious as Barbie’s, but he did walk into a psych ward with blood and cuts on his face. At least within that building, I’d expect more questions to be asked. Because, you know, it’s a frigging psych ward.

The stuff with Barbie’s dad doesn’t interest me. At all. I don’t know enough about Barbie’s family situation to care, and honestly, I don’t want to know. As always, this show is throwing us way too many extra plotlines that just aren’t needed.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

On a different note, I’m finally warming to Rebecca. I don’t particularly want to be, but I guess I can only hold a grudge for so many episodes. I say this because I was actually worried when Big Jim confronted her, and I thought something bad was going to go down. That was another scene where the fear and suspense really worked.

As for Pauline, Lyle, the visions, I don’t know what to think about any of it, so I’m just waiting it out for now. I’m assuming Sam’s in trouble though, what with the hand twitch. Maybe that’s how it started with Lyle, before he went even crazier than he already was.

I don’t know. There are so many things happening right now, only some of which I actually care about. We’re basically dealing with a disjointed mess that has a couple decent elements. The season’s almost over, and I’m not expecting much. Frankly, I’ll be relieved when this is finally off the air for a good long while.

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