Tyrant 3×08 ‘Fathers and Sons’ : My father is dead

All right, folks. We’ve been building up to a Barry/Sammy reunion for weeks now, but I honestly thought it was going to take longer, that the season would end with Sammy learning his dead dad is a live rebel leader. Said revelation happened five episodes earlier than I expected, and I’m pleased about that. Are Barry and Sammy pleased? Eh, not so much.

Jamal’s life has gotten so sucky as of late that he resorts to begging, begging God to stop punishing him. Leila, as she so often does, orders him to stop whining and get his act together. And then he goes to a man who I honestly can’t even remember, but I guess was in season one? Some sort of religious bigwig that Jamal hasn’t come to since his dad died? I wish I could recall this, and I’m usually pretty good about recalling old plot points. They really should’ve reminded us who this guy was in the recap. Anyway, he tells Jamal that before he can deal with outside threats, he needs to conquer the threat within the palace. Jamal takes that as an indication of spies in the midst. I take it as this guy telling him that he is the threat. Jamal himself is the one putting the country in danger. Basically, the religious bigwig is repeating Leila’s command to get himself in line. He’s just being annoyingly cryptic about it. Bet that’s not going to blow up in anyone’s face. Especially since Jamal literally has bombs to throw around.

Barry decides that he needs the palace’s support if he’s going to win this war. Using his fake name, he calls Rami and makes a deal in an attempt to gain his trust and help. Said deal doesn’t go entirely to plan, and when Jamal finds out, he starts to wonder if Rami is the traitor. Get out, Rami. Get out before your father continues his family killing streak.

Source: FX

Source: FX

Turns out Molly didn’t sleep with her lawyer, they just got really wasted and shared a bed together. She gets to be relieved about that for a little bit before learning that Sammy is traveling to a bombed out city to give his money to a strange man he’s heard a few rumors about. See Molly, this is why you need to keep better track of your kids. I know I’ve been stuck on this for awhile now but come on. There’s giving your son some independence, and there’s letting him do stupid, reckless, dangerous stuff. Speaking of, are we ever going to see Emma again? Is she home alone while mom and bro are in Abbudin? Is anyone even calling to make sure she’s kind of okay? What’s going on there, Molly?

The highlight of the episode was, obviously, the reunion between father and son. I quite enjoyed the scene, despite my continued annoyance with Sammy as a character. I’ve already complained about him enough, so I’ll say that here, in this instance, his reaction was totally justified. The fight turned hug was a powerful image, if a bit cliché. We know from the previews that Molly isn’t going to remain in the dark about Barry, so if Barry asks Sammy to keep his secret, it clearly doesn’t work out so well. Big shock, considering how happy Sammy is with his dad right now.

That final call between Jamal and Barry was…not chilling, exactly, but it made with the emotions. Jamal doesn’t know it, but he’s basically talking to a ghost. Which begs the question, why didn’t Jamal know? Barry did try to muffle his voice, yeah, but it didn’t sound muffled. At all. Barry sounded exactly like Barry. No odd look on Jamal’s end, no “You sound familiar,” nothing. You’d think that with Barry being so much on his mind, he’d notice some similarities and be a little creeped out. That approach would’ve made the scene so much better, cementing the theme of Jamal being haunted by his sins that’s been running through this whole season. Missed opportunity, writers. You could capitalize on it in future conversations, but still. Missed opportunity.

Next week (hopefully) on Tyrant, Barry and Molly hash things out. Molly yells at Barry for playing dead, Barry yells at Molly for letting their kid wander Abbudin alone so he could wreck the playing dead scheme, and Sammy sulks in a corner. Oh, and a bunch of bombs drop. Because, when don’t they these days?

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