Tyrant 2×09 ‘Inside Men and Outside Women’ : Drowning

So this week, Jamal is a drunken fool, Sammy continues work on his whiney teenage thing, and Molly breaks up with her almost-boyfriend when she learns her husband isn’t quite dead. Things get extra bloody as more bombs drop, and Jamal the drunk orders his son killed. Just another day in Abbudin, folks.

Okay. Jamal thinks there’s a traitor in the midst. Sure, let’s go with that. Now, if I thought there was a traitor in my ridiculously elaborate blood palace, I’d want to clear my head, figure out who I think is most trustworthy, and put all my focus and resources into finding the bad person. Jamal? He gets wasted out of his mind and sleeps the day away, whining about danger and betrayal while doing absolutely nothing about it. That’s…another option. Meanwhile, Rami is trying to do his job and save the country, in spite of his father. He wants to speak with Barry, but Jamal thinks that he should be the only one to talk to this resistance leader and possible ally. Because Jamal’s conversational skills have worked so well for everyone in the past.

Barry calls Molly and gets read the riot act for pretending to be dead and all, and Molly sends James packing, literally. Sorry doll, I know we were headed around the bases soon, but I’m not actually a widow anymore, so that’s not going to work out as well as I thought. Sammy continues to be a little twit at every opportunity. I get that the kid has reason to be mad, but come on. I don’t know if it’s the lines, the way the actor reads them, or some combination of both but I’m starting to cringe every time this guy opens his mouth.

A sandstorm is in the forecast, and Rami sees this as the perfect chance to retake the city and trash the Caliphate. Going behind his idiot father’s back, he arranges a meeting with Barry to discuss battle plans. While that’s going on. Rashid tortures the location of Barry’s camp out of the spy he planted in the Caliphate. Needless to say, things get nasty.

Source: FX

Source: FX

I really, really hope that seeing a bunch of people shot and/or blown up in front of him gives Sammy a change of attitude. Change of attitude meaning grow the heck up, kid. At first I was as frustrated with Barry as Sammy is. I’ve talked about how the episodes where he sat and hid and brooded got old fast. At this point, though? Barry’s doing a good thing, at least trying to. And the constant, constant bitterness from his kid is just grating. Be mad, but acknowledge that the guy you hate is trying to save a country. At the very least, have one conversation with him that’s totally free of backhanded remarks. Seriously, Sammy’s got me almost wishing he’d died in the raid. But I really do think this event will shake him up, make him realize that there are bigger things happening here, things beyond his anger toward dad.

Backing up, I was rather interested in the subplot with the female resistance fighter who tried putting the moves on Sammy. When she grabbed for his phone, I was dreading/hoping that she’d find some risqué pictures of Sammy and Abdul. Because, what would these people do if they knew he was gay? Would they accept it because a fighter is a fighter and there’s no point turning on one of their own, or would they want the kid thrown out? How about executed? Would Barry have to reveal who he really is to everyone in order to save his son’s life? Heck of a way to find out your boy’s gay. I really hope something like this plays out. As conflicts go it would be super interesting, and a break from all the bombs, bullets and more bombs that often serve as trouble for the characters.

See, I told Rami to get out before Jamal continued his family killing streak and did he listen? No. Why do fictional people never listen to me when I yell at them through the TV? Finding out that Rami met with Barry behind his back, Jamal orders him killed. You could just ground your son or take away his Playstation, but no, you have to kill him instead. Question is, if he manages to sober up long enough to form a coherent thought, will Jamal go through with it? He’s already struggling with guilt over killing his brother. Killing his son, the son of the woman he loved, has he become that cold? Probably, but I suspect one of his saner staff members may warn Rami that daddy’s on the warpath. Or Jamal will come to his senses and cancel the order, but it’ll be too late, Rami will already be dead. Then he’ll probably kill the guy he ordered to kill his son because damn you incompetent fools for following my incompetent orders.

What do you think, folks? Will Rami be dead or alive by the end of next week? Will Sammy ever stop being a tool? Will someone please call Emma and make sure she’s still alive, because we haven’t seen that girl in awhile. Place your bets/predictions in the comments, please, and I’ll see you during the next episode.

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