Tyrant 2×07 ‘The Awful Grace of God’ : You were my favorite

Tons of character stuff going on this time around. Sammy’s quest to free Abdul leads to a reunion with his dad’s killer, and Barry’s attempt to rescue Daliyah leads to a confrontation he’s not ready for, Tragedy within the family has Jamal wondering again if killing his bro wasn’t the best idea ever, and things just continue to go all sorts of wrong.

Jamal is distracted from his war with the Caliphate after the sudden death of his unborn grandson. I’m sure he’s also quite concerned about the physical and mental health of his son’s wife, just as he was when he raped her. With the world watching and Abbudin spiraling further and further from his control, Jamal is desperate for a military victory. Even if he doesn’t know who the hell he’s shooting at, he wants the people to see that he’s still in control. Yeah, Tariq Jr., I’m sure this will end well.

In one of the better character scenes of the show, Sammy goes to Jamal and Leila, asking directly for his inheritance. The boy may be a snotty tool at times, but he knows that it’s ultimately Jamal who’s keeping that money from him. His response when Jamal low-key threatens him is to remind him of their family connection. The trips they took, the jokes they shared, the fact that Jamal was his favorite relative. Jamal ultimately agrees to give him ten million to start with, on the sly, and transfer more money later. He also admits that Sammy’s affection is mutual. Remember in the very first episode when the kids greeted their relatives with smiles and hugs? It was so long ago that this reminder was good. Good, but painful. It’s not just the relationship between Barry and Jamal that was destroyed here.

Meanwhile, in a surprising attempt to keep his promises, Barry sets out to rescue Daliyah. He finds her in what should’ve been an abandoned Caliphate stronghold, and they would’ve made it out if not for Samira. You know, the daughter of his former best friend. The one who hooked up with Rashid, then stayed with him once Rashid had hooked up with the more extreme terrorist types. Samira recognizes Barry, outing him to Daliyah, and devises the brilliant and complicated plan of holding a gun on them until the men get back.

Source: FX

Source: FX

With a measly ten million of his inheritance burning a hole in his pocket, Sammy’s all ready to pay ransom for Abdul and the other gay men who were captured. Sadly, he’s too late and they’ve all been killed in a rather brutal and public fashion. I’ll admit to some frustration here. Yeah, this is Abbudin. Horrible, pointless deaths happen all the time, so it’s not like this doesn’t fit with the storyline. But the possibility of a Sammy/Abdul reunion has been hanging over us all season, and to have that destroyed so suddenly, it’s irritating. I’m sure this was intentional, but at a certain point all the deaths start to run together. You have to throw us a bone, writers, give us something here. That said, it was through his death that Sammy learned that Abdul seemingly did care about him, that it wasn’t just a fling. More importantly, Sammy agrees to give his money to the fledgling resistance in Ma’an, if he can go there and meet it’s leader. Which, I’m sure his mom wouldn’t object to, because she seems to be letting him go wherever he wants to now. Unsupervised. In a hostile country. So, is a reunion with dear old dead dad in the works?

Barry tries to talk Samira out of turning them over to the Calihate, which leads to a lot of exposition about why she’s doing what she’s doing. She’s a woman in a country that oppresses women. Through Rashid, she’s obtained some level of power and safety, and she’ll sacrifice anything to hold onto that, even the lives of others. She tells a poignant story about the girls she went to school with. Smart girls who should’ve had a future, most of whom are dead now. It sheds light on her character, makes her choices somewhat more understandable, but it doesn’t save her. She’s accidentally killed by Barry while he and Daliyah escape. The guy can now add killing his best friend’s daughter to his list of accomplishments.

Returning to the resistance hub, Barry mourns Samira while Daliyah mourns her husband, who was killed last week. And then they…suddenly get romantic? Am I an idiot for not seeing this coming? Because I didn’t. Either way, they’re forced to duck some bombs before they can engage in any lip locks. Remember what I said about Jamal being desperate for a military victory? Well, Rami has fallen in line like a good little Al-Fayeed, ordering the attack even though he knows it’s a bad idea. Good job, kid. You really are part of the family now.

Meanwhile, shocker of shockers, while her son’s running around town, Molly finally sleeps with her lawyer pal. Not because she’s moving on, but because she’ll do anything to feel happy again. Well Molly, how happy are you going to feel if Sammy wanders off to meet with the resistance leader who happens to be your husband?

“Sorry, honey. You didn’t tell me you weren’t dead so I…”

“It’s okay. I almost kissed a woman whose husband had just died, after sheltering me at great personal risk to himself.”

“Oh. Well then.”

Tune in next time to the Abbudin import of Dr. Phil to see how this turns out.

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