Tyrant 2×06 ‘The Other Brother’ : Family matters

Ma’an and it’s oil fields have been taken, Jamal doesn’t know what to do about it, so he cries for help to the Chinese. Sammy’s back in Abbudin to throw his dad under the bus and search for an old flame. And Barry takes on the role of resistance leader against the Caliphate. Also, Jamal steps aboard the bus to Crazytown in his attempt to retake control.

It would seem military strategy isn’t Jamal’s strong suit. Well, that’s what Tariq’s for, right? Oh wait, Jamal just bashed his head in. Not that I haven’t wanted to bash Tariq’s head in for awhile now, but methinks Jamal is coming a little unglued. After murdering his uncle, Jamal tries and fails to get military support from his Chinese allies. Seems that when you get a bunch of their big, important people killed, the Chinese are less likely to be helpful. Such jerks.

So, solution? Bring in Jamal’s bastard son, the decorated war hero. It’s Leila of all people who must convince him to give an assist. I’m surprised she didn’t choke on all that crow she had to dine on after swearing Jamal’s other son would never darken her doorstep again. And Ahmed. Ahmed must be told about his brother. Clearly this is a very delicate thing that requires preparation and…oh, wait. Nah, Jamal just blurts it out. “Hey, Junior. Meet other Junior. Maybe you two can play ball together after we’re done blowing people up. Family bonding! Good? Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically what happened.

Back up in time a bit. Before losing his only child status, Ahmed takes a break from his father and his job by helping Sammy search for Abdul. Apparently he always knew what side Abdul played for, but didn’t care. Presumably then he knows about Sammy. Still, he agrees to help. Ahmed may be a lot of things, but a homophobe he is not. That whole bit with him and Sammy wasn’t integral to the larger plot, but it did add an unexpected layer to the relationship I almost forgot they had, and to Ahmed’s character.

Source: FX

Source: FX

Let’s talk Sammy. To even have a chance at his money, he needs to renounce his dad in court. He dances around it for a bit, but gives in pretty quick. Now, it’s millions upon millions of dollars, can you blame the kid for lying? Except he tells his mom immediately afterward that he wasn’t lying, that he meant everything he said. This running theme of Sammy whining about what a terrible father Barry was is getting rather old. In the beginning it was understandable. Now he’s just coming off as a bitter little twerp. Was Barry really that much of a tool to you, kid? Haven watched season one in months, but I think not.

After court, Sammy runs off with Ahmed to find Abdul. Molly doesn’t like this, but lets him go anyway. Bad parenting, Molly. Yes nothing bad happened, but it very easily could’ve. If I’m in a hostile country, the last thing I’m going to do is let my underage kid out of my sight. Especially with the son of the man who killed his father. It had to happen for the plot, but really, it makes no sense on Molly’s part. She just looks like a complete idiot here, which is frustrating. Anyway, Abdul has been taken prisoner somewhere and no one cares because he’s gay. Sammy plans to use some (all?) his money to get his ex-lover back. Doubt Abdul would do the same for you, Sam, but whatever.

Barry finds Ahmos, who’s had two sons taken by the Caliphate. Worse, Daliyah has been taken by their leader as a sex toy. Which is…immensely disturbing. I don’t know if that scene needed to go on quite as long as it did. Barry rallies other resistance members and they free a bunch of Caliphate prisoners. Ahmoss dies in the assault, and Barry takes on a leadership role in the resistance. This should be interesting, as Barry’s a former dentist, not a military genius. I imagine that he’ll find the new job much harder than even he realizes at this point.

I’m actually more interested in the personal stories between characters than I am with the military stuff right now. How will Ahmed and Leila react to having Jamal’s son around? Is this the only interaction we’ll see between Ahmed and Sammy? Will Sammy quit being such a tool? And when will Jamal (and everyone else) realize that Barry isn’t dead? Leave your theories in the comments, guys; let’s entertain ourselves until next week’s continued carnage.

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