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Tyrant 2×05 ‘A Viper in the Palace’ : Running man


After a  handful of episodes where he mostly just hangs out and sulks, Barry finally gets to do something this week. And by do something, I mean he gets beat up several times, shows that he’s not so great at stealing cars, and alienates one of his only friends. But hey, he also grows himself a spine, which is major progress indeed.

So, mini recap. Daliyah and her colleagues were taken hostage last week by Rashid and the army of the Caliphate. Marching into Tal Jiza, Rashid and his new pals take over the town and make everyone go to the town square for a good old fashioned shooting. It’s rather like that infamous episode of Game of Thrones, with Eddard and his public execution. It looks like Daliyah is about to get dead, like the rest of her colleagues. Bad enough, but worse when your husband and kid are watching. But, Daliyah lives. Yay! If you care very much about the character, which I didn’t, but anyway.

The Caliphate is planning to march on, recruit new people, and show Jamal who’s boss. Barry realizes he can’t stay around them, since they want him dead and all. So, he totally reneges on the promise he made to look after Daliyah’s son. Despite Ahmos, who’s been sheltering him all this  time, begging him to keep said promise. Now to be fair, Barry’s right when he says that he’d be putting them in danger if he kept associating with them. Still, it comes off as a jerk move to Ahmos. Who still freaking helps Barry out. This man is a saint, apparently. As for that vow to stick around, how long did you keep that for, Barry? Ten minutes in episode time? Good job there, buddy.

Source: FX

Source: FX

He jacks a car to make it over the border, then ends up getting owned when an American woman married to a Caliphate leader jacks him. Apparently seeing her hubby blast a couple civilians in the head has made her rethink her marital choices. It was interesting to hear her backstory, and to have Barry interact with someone other than the kid he both mentored and abandoned, but the stuff that really matters came at the end, when Barry realized he can’t keep running away like one of the Scooby Doo gang for the rest of his life. Let’s face it, the guy runs and hides a lot. Not to say he doesn’t have reasons, but still. He ran from Abbudin twenty years ago. He wanted to run back to the US after his father died. He’s been running from everyone, his brother’s men, the Caliphate, since the season began. Oh, and his family. Let’s not forget that little detail. Here we see him take a proactive role, fight against the bad guys, for the first time since the failed coup.

Meanwhile, Jamal and his council learn that Rashid is alive. Uncle Tariq’s solution? Let’s kill everybody until we kill him, too. I swear, this dude wants to solve every problem with bombs or chemical weapons. Dentist can’t see him this week? Find a new one and blow up the old one. Lady at the market miscounts his change? Gas her. Starbucks won’t accept his credit card? Kill everyone inside and take all their grande cappuccinos. The man is just a tad trigger happy. For his part, Jamal is seeing that all the violence and chaos Barry worried about has come to pass. Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have left my brother out in the desert to die, huh? Perhaps that wasn’t my best call.

Also, Sammy, Molly and their lawyer arrive in Abbudin, realizing pretty fast that things are worse than they thought. Who wants to place bets on whether or not they make it out of the country again?

So. Big episode for Barry, we don’t see very much of anyone else, Sammy and Molly are back in the lion’s den, and Tariq seriously needs to chill out.  What fresh hell awaits everyone next week? Theories?

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