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Tyrant 2×03 ‘Faith’ : Take me to church

One of the most interesting moments from last week’s show involved Barry falling to his knees in the desert. I said then that Barry probably hadn’t prayed in years, and that was confirmed in this latest episode. As the title suggests, ‘Faith’ sees our characters wrestling with their spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof.

Before we get into the existential debates about heaven and higher powers and such, let’s recap what Jamal and Tariq’s relationship has been like, pretty much since episode one.

Tariq: Rashid and his resistance people are annoying us. Let’s blow them up.

Jamal: Nah, I don’t think we should do that yet, Seems kind of extreme.

Tariq: Really? Are you sure I can’t blow them up? Please?

Jamal: Maybe if you’re a good boy, if they’re still bugging us in a week or two. We’ll see,

Well, Tariq finally gets tired of waiting. He attacks an area where Rashid’s men are known to congregate, and winds up killing a whole lot of people, civilians included. Jamal nearly chokes him out for this but, unfortunately, doesn’t follow through. So while Abbudin is trying to come off as a friendly, safe country, there are millions of people on the Internet seeing pictures of mangled  corpses. Not great PR.

The guys who wanted to rat Barry out to the government still want that, but their family patriarch refuses, after getting a look at him. He gives Barry food and shelter, and Barry kind of sort of lies, saying he went to prison for resisting the government. He’s given an opportunity to call Molly, but refuses, not wanting to put her in danger.

Source: FX

Source: FX

And, Molly. If she didn’t know her son was gay, she sure as hell knows now. After walking in on him having sex with another guy, she and Sammy talk about Barry. Sammy doesn’t think his father liked him very much, despite loving him. He also doesn’t think he liked his dad very much. It’s a crucial distinction, liking a family member versus loving them. I love plenty of people that I don’t especially like, so it was interesting to see this conversation onscreen. Molly also realizes that Sammy’s been struggling more than she realized, and has a serious case of mom guilt.

Sammy’s worries are wiped out, at least temporarily, when he learns he’s inherited 100 million dollars. Quite the pleasant distraction, that. It’s not stated here, but I assume there’s some loophole that’s going to get in the way of this inheritance. Maybe he only gets it if he returns to Abbudin. Maybe only if he marries a Muslim virgin by the time he’s 21, I don’t know. If there is a catch, it hasn’t been revealed yet, so he’s a teenager with unresolved daddy issues and 100 million dollars to blow. Can’t imagine how that’s going to turn bad, not at all.

While he’s in hiding, Barry learns about the attack on civilians. All his time spent trying to stop his brother from making just such a choice, stop Jamal from becoming a monster, and it led to nothing. He has a conversation with a young boy about being a non-practicing Muslim who’s forgotten how to pray. Yet by the end of the episode, as he was last week, he’s on his knees. Praying. The man has no home, no family, a false identity, and thinks he’s witnessed his brother go completely over the edge. I really can’t blame him for picking up old habits.

And then there’s Molly again. She went to confession last week after a long hiatus, now we see her in church. There’s a bit of her backstory, and interaction with the attorney she met at the funeral. Please, Molly, don’t hook up with this guy. Far as you know, your husband just died, so please. Just don’t. Anyway. She explains that she turned away from her faith, partly because she didn’t think Barry would agree with it. Since Barry’s gone, and since her life has become a massive storm of garbage, she tries to reinstate some of her old religious traditions, having the kids say grace for the first time in their lives. Sammy’s had moments of being a bit of a jerk to his mom recently, so I was pleasantly surprised when he went along with this without any sarcastic teenager BS.

So. Jamal is struggling not to look like a psychotic dictator to the rest of the world. Barry’s hiding out with strangers, some of whom aren’t necessarily trustworthy. Rashid’s resistance has taken a severe hit, and Molly, she muddling through life as a widow. This week’s episode was a bit more introspective than the last couple, which may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The preview for next week looks interesting. Seems we’ll be getting a new player in the game of thrones, I mean, game of Abbudin. Whatever. We’ll see what sort of horrible things befall our characters next time.

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