The Wrong Mans 2×03-2×04: And what a lovely Christmas ending


And we jump into the last two episodes of the second series of The Wrong Mans, which may leave us fans with many mixed feelings (well this fan, at least). It does look like the show is over for now but who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they will revisit the characters of Samuel Pinkett and Philip Bourne. But for now, let’s examine, review and discuss these last few episodes and relish in the hilarity.

As we left off in the previous episode, Sam and Phil are rescued by terrorists who think they are bomb makers and experts, and of course they are anything but. They try to pass off as such (albeit pretty unsuccessfully), especially when one of the team members tells them that he’s an undercover agent who will help them get home if they pretend to be those bomb makers up until they retrieve some kind of heavy duty chemical weapon. This obviously leads to funny moments and then ultimately betrayal once they do in fact retrieve the chemical weapon only to find out that the undercover agent is in actuality a lying terrorist (yeah he couldn’t just be a normal truthful terrorist, he had to go and lie). I’ll admit the events in this show do get a bit convoluted after a while, but somehow it does successfully all tie together.



Sam and Phil manage to get out of that situation somewhat (thanks to a makeshift mentos and coca-cola bomb) and get back to England via skydiving, which I must say was an amazing scene. Although I feel like they used that scene to make up for the fact that it just seemed a bit too easy for them to get back to England that quickly. Plus it looks like the actors actually skydived, which boggles my mind because it was filmed so well. Unless it’s actually really easy to film a fake sky dive and I’m just really stupid.

After the skydiving scene, Sam and Phil make it back to their hometown Bracknell and manage to thwart the terrorist (who chases them after being hit with the mentos bomb) and have him taken into custody by the Secret Service (or whatever agency that put Sam and Phil into witness protection). And then there’s the Russian who put the bomb on Phil’s car who’s seeking revenge for his twin brother’s death from the previous series and has been chasing Sam and Phil this whole time, and then he is apprehended by local police. Then Phil goes to his mom in the hospital and Sam goes to see Lizzie (his girlfriend) and then all is pretty much peaches and gravy. Because it’s Christmas and things have to be happy.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really can’t get enough of James Corden and Matthew Baynton’s chemistry, which is the main reason why I’m suffering post-season finale denial so hard. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a groundbreaking show, it is pretty darn hilarious, clever and deep compared to most shows that are on TV nowadays. And you only get chemistry like this every once in a blue moon or however that saying goes. Seeing that James Corden is moving up very well in his career, what with his recent appointment as Craig Ferguson’s replacement on The Late Late Show, it’d be nice for Matthew Baynton to be seen more by American audiences because he is a fantastic (comedic) actor. And even though he’s technically the straight man of the show, he definitely has his moments. So…yes, I’m going to miss Sam and Phil. A lot.



While I was concerned about the length of this series, I was pleasantly surprised in how well they were able to tell and wrap up all of the story lines they introduced in just four 30-minute episodes. It really only felt too short in terms of our time with the characters. If you enjoyed the show as much as I did, I’m sure that you will also miss Sam and Phil. They’re one of those duos who you would love to see what they’re up to in a few years time even after all of the excitement has died down. Which brings me to my one qualm with this series, and that is that it wrapped up, maybe not too quickly, but a bit too perfectly. It’s hard to say because ultimately you want the best for these characters and that’s what they get in the end. However, I feel like it would have been more worth it if this second series was two episodes longer so there could have been a little more development and more peril.

But with all that aside, The Wrong Mans is a very enjoyable show that’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re on winter break and are looking for something to watch that won’t crush your soul (I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead). It’s a fine example of a TV show that can successfully blend drama and comedy almost effortlessly without getting too lost in either genre. Again, highly recommended if you want something pleasant to binge watch.


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