The Whispers 1×11 ‘Homesick’: I smell a red herring

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Whatever you think, I don’t care, Minx is not who those kids say she is. Hello, those kids are either terrified of Drill, or love Drill, and they are known for going to great lengths to hide him. Also those kids singled out Minx to begin with, and it’s just too simple! I don’t want simple answers anymore The Whispers, you hear me?!

I don’t want to say this show is going steadily downhill, but my confusion tripled in this episode alone. Oh, and my casual dislike of Wes since the beginning has just gotten worse. Mostly because he spitefully threw kids into a concentration camp with toys because he lost his wife.

That’s not how you deal with grief, dude.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And we don’t even have to mention how horribly wrong it went because I guess Wes forgot how desperate and petty Drill can be. Of course he was going to slip into a kid’s body. The Secretary, who probably thinks Wes is as much of an idiot as I do, was probably counting on it. He’s been jonesing for child murder for the past three weeks now, and Wes basically gave Drill the whole kit and caboodle in one convenient space. You are literally useless sir, and if it was your kid possessed, it kind of serves you right for being a jackass.

Woah, okay, I’m calm. Let me talk about the people who were actually trying to figure stuff out without doing something stupid or impulsive. Sean and Jessup need to have their own buddy cop TV spinoff because that scene was just wonderful with those two getting that reporter to talk. I don’t entirely trust him, especially since he was the last person, besides Minx, to see Lena alive, but I don’t know why he wants to reveal Drill.

Freaking Washington DC is barely handling his attempts at taking over, do you think the country or even the world is going to react better? Reporter dude and Wes should come up with more dumb ideas while the adults do their work.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Like Claire for instance. Yeah, the kids (especially Harper) are sick of talking to her, but she is really the only one who gets constantly close to Drill. So close that he feels threatened every time she acts. While Wes is the one stupidly opening doors for Drill, Claire is trying to slam them shut to contain him, so they could get rid of him without murdering children.

I just hope that she can pick up his slack, although his higher clearance to the president just makes his irrational decisions all the more dangerous. She had better get to the president in the next episode and actually give him some logical reasoning.

All in all our only hope is Claire to not only save the world, but to save this show.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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