The Whispers 1×09 ‘Broken Child’: How to kill Drill

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God, I don’t even want to say how. It’s too disturbing. Children who use paper plates for crafts are also disturbing. That and getting stuck in an elevator with one of those children had to be the scariest part of this episode as it tapped into our inner fears of elevators, needles, and kids. Actually there wasn’t really a non-scary part of the episode and I’m quite happy about that.

That was so dark! To kill Drill you have to kill the child possessing him? Unless it’s Minx, I really don’t understand how you could murder a child. I’m just kidding, I actually missed Minx being a nutball last night. I hope whoever’s watching her has her under the tightest surveillance possible.

Although Drill seemed a little too preoccupied with a heart patient and his little sister, and how one of its own got the hell murdered out of it.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Speaking of which, I’ve been b****ing and moaning about Drill being an alien for weeks now, and while I still think he and his people are definitely from a different world, I’m so glad another supernatural element was used. A Dybbuk is a malevolent spirit who enjoys preying on and possessing people and could probably give Pazuzu a run for his money. And while the electric shock thing definitely worked in this case, Dybbuks can get trapped into boxes that idiots in horror movies like to open up, and then later sell on Ebay.

So maybe 16th century Jewish people had to deal with Dybbuks from another world and just assumed they were evil spirits, especially since electricity wasn’t really a thing back then.

I hope they explore this mystery more, and I’m actually glad that we kind of have an idea of what Drill is. It’s not comforting to know that a child will have to die to get rid of him, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

It also distracted us from the pile of awkward moments that the adults went through tonight. I’m happy Sean and Doctor B got a little bit of reconciliation, but every scene with Wes and his wife and his once mistress was incredibly uncomfortable. Claire was still smart and awesome though, and even Lena got a good lead this time, so I wasn’t too upset.

All in all, this episode was dark and suspenseful, and opened up a whole new side to the Drill mythos.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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