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The Whispers 1×08 ‘A Hollow Man’: How not to kill Drill

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Step 1: Shoot the person who knows how to kill Drill.
Step 2: Let your child sleep in a room with an easily opened window and about a thousand electric lights surrounding her bed.
Step 3: Forget about logic and common sense.
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit.

Just lock your kid in a cage, or run off to the country or something! Yeah, it’s super difficult to get fully away from electricity, but it’s not impossible. I know Lena’s trying her best to protect her lying and manipulative devil child, but it’s getting ridiculous, especially since she took an invisible force at his word. Just c’mon, Lena. There was a better way to solve that problem.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Also good job with that little trick, writers. I kind of thought that Lena probably wasn’t going to kill either Sean or Claire, especially when they ended up in the same house as the man who used to play with Drill back in the 80s, but my heart stopped when no one would answer Wes when he went down those stairs, and Henry was finally able to get into the house.

That was really clever because it wouldn’t surprise me if the show went that far as to shoot or kill off a character. I mean the big story of the night was about a child who killed his own brother because of Drill. This show is not afraid to be dark.

How about all that new information too? What the hell did we do on earth that caused another signal to be sent out to space? And where are these aliens from? And what happened to all their energy?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I know finding out all of the answers to these questions will basically ruin the show. Its livelihood pretty much counts on the games that Drill plays, so no one knows who he is, or what he wants to do. Although everyone is fairly certain he wants to destroy things, and I’m just not buying that.

I did love that Sean and Claire got to connect with each other again, and they make a hella good team, especially Claire. I adore her character because she’s just so intelligent and so caring at the same time. She’s got her flaws of course, but she doesn’t let them rule over her logic and passion to save her family and others who need help from Drill. She’s not losing herself into the case like we see countless times in other shows. I think it’s fairly balanced for her, and she keeps herself as grounded as she can in the insanity that is the mystery of Drill.

All in all I am glad that we got some information mixed into our heart stopping action last night, and while I know this show will never be groundbreaking, it’s still a lot of fun and a lot of creeps, and absolutely perfect for its summer spot.

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