The Whispers 1×07 ‘Whatever It Takes’: The politics of a rock

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God, I love explosions. What I don’t like is heart wrenching sacrifice, Sean! Be selfish for once! This show has just become intensity personified, and I’m so happy that I have no idea what direction they’re going in. That also changes up everything and makes me severely nervous too.

It’s great that I’m nervous though because it means I actually care about the characters, which I was kind of iffy on in the beginning. They’re all turning out to be more than just stock characters in an ABC drama, and add that in with a twisting plot, and you got a recipe for a darn good show.

Oh, also the government is evil, and we can all relate to that, so that makes it even more stellar.

It was nice to actually meet Sean Bennigan for once even though at the start I thought he was too stiff, and not as fiery as his forgetful self, but then he told the president off and all was right with the world.

Also, this scene:

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Everything was right with this scene. What were Claire and Wes talking about? Does it matter?

That scientist lady (RIP) brought up something to Sean that I thought was a really interesting look into what Drill could be. We all assume he’s malevolent, especially since Minx’s therapist was literally lead to his death, and a child was blown up because of him, but Sean’s first vision calls that all into question.

Now, he saw pretty much every place a kid would be at, and it was completely devoid of children, so obviously Sean thinks that Drill and his alien family are going to prey on these kids. But here’s the thing, as I (and that scientist lady (RIP)) said before, Drill never did anything bad to the kids.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


He gave them all they wanted without any harm coming to them. It could be pure manipulation, but what if Drill isn’t the one who wants to destroy the children, but wants to protect them? Maybe he was calling his family down to take away the children from the adults, so they wouldn’t grow up with a lack of imagination, or maybe they want to protect them from some other threat coming to earth.

I know it’s farfetched, but the “evil alien” trope is way too overdone, and Sean seems so hell bent that they’re evil that something has to be up with these aliens. It can’t be as simple as world destruction.
At least I hope it’s not.

All in all, this show is proving too much for my heart, and if next week is another intense one, I don’t even know what to do with myself, so bravo The Whispers! You got great characters and a fascinating plot.


Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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