The Whispers 1×06 ‘The Archer’: Things are getting so real so quick

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I mean the adults finally contacted Drill in the creepiest way possible, Sean got his memory back and got traded for a new adult to manipulate, the rock is saying things and came from space, and there is some extremely interesting gender dynamics going on with this show that became pretty prevalent tonight. Please God, let me contain this review to fewer than 1000 words.

That might not be as hard as I think because I’m so pumped that I can’t even sit here long enough to type out all of my feelings.

First of all, this was a great episode. It didn’t just inch the plot forward by dragging out already tiring tropes, it catapulted it into stranger territory, and now I’m extremely interested in seeing what the finale is going to be like.

Since the government decided to fully shove itself into the middle of the situation (like it always does), it’s going to be way beyond tense. I also don’t like the Secretary of Defense much, and I doubt he’s going to grow on me, or any of the characters that matter.

Just how interesting are these “beings” though? The whole ghost like, infrared energy scene just makes him more terrifying. That’s mostly because we finally got to see how he gets to the children, and it involves wrapping his entire energy around them.

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I got a shiver down my spine just typing that.

Now what I figure is that Drill’s entire operation is about releasing his “family” from that glowing space rock, and then taking over the world like most aliens want to do. I’m not exactly sure how his “family” is going to do this, but since they seem more like energy than human beings, child and or adult possession isn’t totally out of the picture.

Take Lena for instance. She’s one of the only main characters afraid of taking this Drill thing head on, especially when she refuses to see just how strange her daughter has been getting since she started playing with her new “friend.” She now pushed herself into a weird corner where Drill trusts her just like she was a child. I honestly don’t think she’s truly prepared for the situation, but I’ll probably end up being surprised at her resilience.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

That goes the same for Claire. She’s beyond resilient and based on all the crap she’s gone through in the male dominated line of work she’s in, that’s not something to sneeze at. She’s also one of the only ones acting like a reasonable and caring adult.

The one who is truly acting like a child at the moment (since Sean now remembers everything) is Wes. He’s done so many things out of spite this episode that I wish someone would have popped him in the face (preferably Claire). And it was either because he was threatened by Sean (Claire’s actual husband) being back, or just threatened by Claire in general, which with his little discussion with The Secretary of Defense seems more plausible.

The children are really the only ones making sense at the moment, and are proving themselves way smarter and less petty than the adults, so again I’m with the kids, and Lena and Claire.

All in all, I honestly hope Lena and Claire team up with the children to either understand or take down the “beings.” That would be wicked.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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