The Whispers 1×04 ‘Meltdown’: #WhoIsDrill

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I don’t know, but that was one dramatic freakin episode, I’ll tell you what. This show has already stopped pulling punches, and it only started four weeks ago. If I wasn’t on The Whispers train before I’m definitely on it now, and I’m not planning on jumping off.

I’ve never done this before because I figure it could never happen, but I seriously thought they killed off the main character of this show in a nuclear meltdown. Mostly because I thought that would be the coolest/saddest twist in the history of television, and I would have slow clapped that crap until I could stop crying.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


I think since it is still so early in the season, it just seemed feasible to me. This show is a game of “how do you up the ante?” and this episode was season finale worthy in stress levels, and succeeded on that ante upping.

Those last ten minutes weren’t the only spots where I thought something bad was going to happen either. I had the fleeting thought that Minx was going to stab a grandmother at some point, and I really want to know where that nuclear power went to.

Wes’ reaction was honestly my own at that part of the episode, and I’m not sorry about it.

Oh, and about Claire and Wes. This episode was filled with a lot of high drama, it was also filled with Wes grabbing and or touching Claire any chance he got, and them giving each other a bit of eyes before she ran into the reactor to save her son. There’s nothing I hate more in this world than a love triangle, but I’m shipping it between them. I’m also shipping her and Sean too mostly because I adored that moment I consider the most effed up family reunion on the planet, but it was sweet. I still don’t understand how they had a ginger child though.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Honestly, this episode was real turning point for me for the season, which has mostly to do with the fact that the parents finally don’t think that Sean is Drill, and that whatever Drill is, he’s having a hell of a time with his hide-and-seek game.

Especially with Minx. Last week I thought she was just a hurt girl, but this week she went full socio and is manipulating the hell out of her parents for Drill’s game, and I can’t see her getting much better. If you read the story this show is based off, there’s a similarly named girl who doesn’t end up being the nicest character at the end.

All in all I am majorly excited for next week’s Drill hunt, and I’m also kind of enjoying the new family drama that is sure to come about with Sean reconnecting with his wife and kid.

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