The Vampire Diaries 6×09 ‘I Alone’ : “My relationship to ruin, thank you.”

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Help me out here, how did Malachi escape?  I totally missed that.  I know there’s some time loopy stuff with leaving things in a spot and finding them in 1994…right?  Whatever.  I guess the point is that he is out but Bonnie is still in and that is sad.  Also, death to another character makes me happy!  That cast is bloated.  I’d like to see Enzo go next and also some of the Parkers.  I’d also like to see Bonnie return for good.  I definitely missed Caroline in this episode!

Malachi is out, out, out and poor Bonnie is stuck in!  Just, ugh.  Jeremy had it so perfect with his little rant about something going wrong at the last minute.  Meta-much?  Because that describes the entire show.  I don’t remember how Malachi escaped, but now he’s out and everyone knows it.  There was this battle between him and Liv that I found completely unbelievable.  Like, ok, Malachi takes some of her magic but not all of it, right?  And all she can muster is moving some chairs? Whatever.  I think “convoluted” is a great word to use to describe this show now.  Everything seems convoluted and I have questions during every episode.  The trick is not to overthink it.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

I think Damon compelling Alaric was a totally bad call.  Alaric has been such a great friend to him and that friendship is definitely gone.  Why is Damon always so dumb?  I guess he and Elena are rebuilding their love or whatever.  It’s going way too fast.  Like, why is she spending so much time with him.  What is wrong with her, that she’s always running back to him and believing in him?

Meanwhile, Stefan is off on a tear and being a jerk.  When did Stefan become a jerk?  I thought he was the great sweetheart of the show, but that seems gone now.  This whole Enzo storyline is tired.  Why would anyone care about Stefan’s long-lost niece?  Why would Enzo care?  I’m hoping that Matt calling Jeremy out will work and that Jeremy will hunt Enzo down and kill him.  I’d definitely like to see that kid gone.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

I thought it was kind of cool that Tyler, Matt, and Jeremy seemed to have actual purpose in this show…but at the cost of missing Caroline?  Seriously, where was she?  I find it hard to follow the show when some characters are sometimes there and some are sometimes missing.  That’s why I’d like to see a few more deaths, really consolidate the cast.  Before that happens, we’ll have to deal with this Malachi thing.  I’m guessing it’ll all end with a binding spell and another strange prison for him.

What did you think of this episode?  Are you following everything?  Are you happy with the way the relationships are going?  Are you feeling Bonnie’s pain?  Let me know in the comments!!

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