The Vampire Diaries 6×07: ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’ : “If I could take it all back, I would.”

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This episode gave me ALL THE FEELS.  I felt so sad for Damon and Caroline and sorry for Elena…but I definitely do not even care about Stefan, what a jerk!  Also, Bonnie is NOT dead, just exactly like I thought.
Elena and Damon : I’m not sure I fully understand what happened at the end of this episode, but all throughout this episode, I was feeling so sad for Damon.  He was actually really sweet this episode and I just wanted Elena to remember.  Although, I find it hard to believe that Elena would go so far as to cross into Mystic Falls in order to remember.  I don’t know why her happiness isn’t enough.  Maybe she just feels guilty.  But did Damon compel her in the end?  Or did Elena remember them watching stars at the end?  I wasn’t sure what happened there.  I hope that Elena can get her memories back at some point so this is resolved.  I guess I like them as a couple.
Caroline and Stefan : Wow.  Stefan is still a jerk.  He even knows now that Caroline “has a thing” for him and he just acted like he never noticed and why on Earth would she be into him?  I can’t decide if he’s willfully playing dumb.  In the comments on my last review, someone mentioned that Stefan never tries to feel anything so maybe he just can’t let Caroline in.  I guess that falls in line with a lot of his issues.  But it just made me so sad to watch Caroline kind of confess all of her feelings and Stefan acted like he never even noticed…like he’s not interested in her at all.  That broke my heart a little bit.
Source: CWTV

Source: CWTV

Bonnie and Malachi : So Bonnie isn’t dead, hooray!  I do like Bonnie a lot.  But I don’t like Malachi.  I’m ready for this to be over…which it won’t be, since Hot Doctor is Malachi’s sister, which I totally called when she was talking to Alaric about putting away her magic.  So, I’m guessing Malachi will probably end up coming back and wreaking havoc with his ability to steal someone’s powers.

As for everyone else… OK, if Trip goes across the border and all the sudden his throat is magically slit, like why didn’t Matt just drag him right back across instead of feigning all sad about it?  Whatever.  I like the actor who plays Trip a lot, but I’m not really sad to see the character go.  Since Hot Doctor is definitely Malachi’s sister, I’m sure that will develop into something.  Alaric appears to have caught being human and is now stuck there.  Also, Tyler and the Bobbsey Twins were around and Liam is going to for Elena to out herself, probably.
What did you think?  Are you sad Trip is gone?  Do you think Elena will remember Damon? Do you think Stefan is lying to himself about Caroline?  Do you have any guesses about where this Malachi-Gemini Coven story will go?  Let me know in the comments!
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