The Vampire Diaries 6×06 ‘The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get’ : “What about Bonnie?”

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Oh wow, so Damon is really, really back and we have an episode just FULL of drama!  I have to admit, I haven’t been fully feeling this season, but I’m getting a better handle on what I think the main story line will be, and I’m getting into it.  This is the first episode without Bonnie, but will she stay dead?  On this show, it’s never certain.  But if she does, poor, poor Jeremy is going to have an even harder time.

It’s pretty clear to me that this season is going to be a lot about politics and intrigue.  Instead of worrying about some Big Bad or having to hunt down some ultimate villain or find some mystical answer to something, this season seems to be about a lot of talk and mysteries and figuring people out.  We have Jo, the doctor who is maybe a witch?  That’s unconfirmed, but she’s hip to vampires and can’t be compelled and still wants Alaric.  So what’s going on with her.  We have that new girl, Sarah, who is definitely related to the Salvatores and getting hip to some of the vampire activity in town.  There’s Enzo, and whatever his end game is. There’s all the love triangle, quadrangle, whatever situation going on with Elena, Damon, and maybe even Caroline and Stefan.  And then of course, there’s Tripp.  It’s a lot of talk and lies and people snooping and spying, and I like it.  Something about this episode and realizing all the motives each character has, really hit me and I’m into it.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Stefan and Caroline : Stefan has been a real big jerk for quite some time, and no one seems to be taking it harder than Caroline.  I don’t know why he’s refusing to apologize to her.  I think if he just gave her a sincere apology, she’d forgive him and move on.  I’m not really mad that she’s feeling uninterested in continuing a friendship with him.

Alaric and Jo : So Jo is maybe a witch?  Not sure, but she’s hip to the supernatural, which makes it easier to go ahead and include her in everything.  I like her of Alaric.  And Alaric is…now human?  I mean, I don’t know how I feel about that.  If he’s still in Mystic Falls, isn’t the anti-magic still going?  Once he’s transferred to Whitmore, despite his currently healed human state, won’t he become a vampire again?  I think he will.

Matt, Enzo, Jeremy, Sarah : I guess I’m going to have to get used to Sarah being here, ugh.  I’m not all that interested in her, but maybe she has some magic secret that’ll be cool.  And I guess the same goes for Enzo.  I was into Stefan killing him, but when Trip took him, I totally knew he’d stick around.  Whatever.  Jeremy is just all down in the dumps and has nothing going for him right now.  And Matt?  Playing the spy seems like a cool use of totally human Matt.  I’ve always liked Matt, so I want to see him stick around.

Damon and Elena : Oh sigh.  Poor, poor Damon and Elena.  As of right now, Elena seems to hate Damon, I guess.  I like this new version of her, and I’d be fine if she stayed compelled to forget Damon.  Elena seems happier and lighter and Nina Dobrev is not a very good actress, so she doesn’t do moody well…I think she can actually act happy.  As for Damon…oh who knows?  If he can’t get with Elena, what the hell will he do?

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

As for everyone else?  Tyler is still human and wasn’t in this episode.  Malachi and Bonnie could still be trapped in 1994.  The Bobbsey Twin witches are probably still in Whitmore.  And Liam is probably not going to be Elena’s love interest much longer.  There are still a lot of loose ends to tie up, and I think that some of these characters will come into play whenever there are tight situations in the plot.  I’d love it if the cast were trimmed down even more, but I’m also kind of hoping we’re in for some good story telling that weaves the characters together in interesting ways.

What did you think?  Do you think Bonnie is still alive and something is happening in 1994 loop?  Do you think Stefan will get over himself and apologize?  Do you think Elena will fall back in love with Damon?  Have I missed something that caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Erin Kerr Rooks

    I think Stefan’s inability to see what Caroline wants from him by means of apology has more to do with his hard headedness to their relationship in general. Since the season finale, we’ve seen how oblivious he really is to her feelings for him. I don’t think they’re one sided, but I think he’s been working so hard at pushing his feelings away, he doesn’t even want to let her in a little bit.

    Also, that Alaric becoming human was so freaking timely, don’t you think? :) cue eye roll.

    Love the show, and the review. :)

    • Fennarama

      I might have to do a rewatch of the season finale to see if I agree with you. I guess it does make sense, since Stefan is often all about pushing his feelings away. I wish he would get over it and they could remain platonic friends!

      Do you think Alaric will stay human? Won’t he become a vampire again when he crosses the barrier?

      Thanks for the comment!