The Vampire Diaries 6×05 ‘The World Has Turned and Left Me Here’ : “I used to be a decent person.”

Source : The CW

So, Damon’s back!  HOORAY!!! (Ish.)  And also, that Bonnie girl is dead set on…well, dying.  Plus, Tyler narrowly avoided re-becoming a werewolf in a very Final Destination style scenario.  Basically, LOTS of drama!!!

This episode just had tons and tons of drama that left me talking to the screen, which would’ve been more enjoyable if I weren’t watching this on lunch break or at a friend’s house.  But, I digress.  When Ivy came back as a vampire, I was kind of annoyed…Malachi + Elena’s new boyfriend + Ivy + Doctor Hotness = just too many characters!  It’s hard enough to have story enough for Matt and Jeremy (who were missing) and Tyler, let alone all these new people and Alaric.  But, this episode seemed to have trimmed some of that fat as well as Bonnie.  I mean, will Bonnie really stay dead this time?  We’ll see, right?

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

Meanwhile, one half of the Bobbsey Twins saved Tyler from certain werewolf-hood.  Also, Alaric’s girlfriend is either immune to compulsion or is on vervain…which means she probably knows about supernatural stuff, yes?  Will Alaric be able to play off his attempt at compulsion?  There’s more here, and I’m definitely interested in it.  Poor Caroline was sadly used in this episode, and since Damon has returned, I imagine Stefan will stick around and have to apologize profusely.  I’m guessing the next task everyone will tackle is removing the spell over Mystic Falls (which still seems really strange to me).  Also, that guy is Elena’s new boyfriend?  I wonder if he’ll make it another episode now that Damon has returned.  Do you think Elena will lose it?

There was definitely lots of drama and lots to chew on.  Are you sad Bonnie is (apparently) dead?  Are you glad Damon is back?  How awkward to you think it’ll be for Damon to reunite with Elena who has been compelled to forget him?  (The MOST awkward, right?)  What will happen with Matt and Jeremy?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!!!

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