The Vampire Diaries 5×22 ‘Home’: R.E.S.P.E.C.T


Ugh, season finales. So many things to tie up and so little time to do it. What is the deal with The Other Side, Markos and Silas? I still don’t get it and I don’t even bother to anymore. If Klaus’s character made sense for 1 and 1/2 seasons, these three elements are neither interesting or eye-candy (yeah, that’s how we determine the quality of series these days). Nothing about this finale felt like one. So we are “down” two series regulars in a way but we all know there will be some loophole and we will see Damon again. So questions.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

Is it weird that everyone hesitated for like 5 seconds only before deciding to blow up Mystic Falls? Or did they just blow up the one place where people could semi-hang out meaning this town has lost its only attraction? Why did everyone take so long to pass through Bonnie, especially Damon? Why didn’t Bonnie just grab him and be like FASTER! Ugh, and then the ugly Elena sobbing. OMG, never again do I want to see that. And why didn’t Kol come back? Or wait, he got sucked in, didn’t he? Where was Kat? Why isn’t any of this making sense?

Other notes:

– Yay, we got to see two awesome characters return for 5 lines and as an early Christmas bonus –  we now have Ric back full-time now

– Boo, Enzo is back. Kill me now.

– Tyler is human, yawn.

– Caroline hearts Stefan and everyone can see it but him.

– It was weird to see so many deaths in the first 10 minutes of the episode – Julian, Tyler and then the cute blond witch brother….the cute one!

Um, I really do not have anymore thoughts and will only be deciding whether to continue watching this show next season because, why? Peace!



Hi! My name is Liza, nice to meet you! TV shows became a very big part of my life ever since The OC appeared on my screen in the awesome summer of 2003 (almost 10 years!). Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, HIMYM, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Glee and of coarse, Revenge (who does not watch that?!) – you name it. Also I don’t only watch TV, I also love talking about it! So lets discuss, shall we?


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  • queenbmia

    wow! I wasnt happy with this review. normally I am with your reviews. apparently u have something against bonnie coming back or the fact that she is the hero. I thought the bamon interaction was awesome and the fact that those people didnt want to hurt her or see her die so maybe u are like all the other racist fans and cannot wait to see the shows only black or person of color character die. and why not talk about how awful and selfish elena is as a character and that it is her character and the writing for this show that sucks. you are happy for steroline but not for bamon why? I want another review from you where you include bonnie in a different way and u ask a question why did it take so long for damon to cross over and whats with them holding hands and gazing at each other…please.

    • Liza M.

      Wow, I didn’t realize my review would have such an effect on you. Well, first of all I am quite sad that you saw racism in my review because everything I wrote about in this review was focused on pointing out how this finale to me did not make sense in any aspect. Second, neither Bonnie or Damon are my favorite characters because of the horrible writings both these characters have gotten over the years – as a person who has read the original books back in the day I was always a fan of book Bamon and so saddened that the show failed to recreate that on tv. Book Bonnie (like all the other book characters) has always fascinated me because she was strong and did not let people use her, and her courage was what u think attracted her to book Damon and thus their interactions have always been thrilling. I see nothing of that on tv and given how Damon treats Bonnie on tv, I did not give the last scene that much significance because to me it wasn’t an important moment in terms of ships or story lines whereas steroline has been developed well over the seasons and especially this one, so that’s why I root for them. Finally, about Elena – if you know my reviews, you know how often I complain about her and point out her awfulness. U just didn’t mention it this time because I didn’t want to sound like a broken record and point out the obvious – Elena is extremely selfish and especially in this episode because not only is she ungrateful for Bonnie bringing her back even though it kills her, she has the audacity to continue complaining about it like her personal life like that only matters. I think she wasn’t even that sad when finding out that Stefan died. She was awful beyond words in this episode. I actually felt much more sorry for Jeremy when it comes to Bonnie because she really loves him and other way as well and is ready to sacrifice herself but bring his sister back. Also I would like to add that if you really want to know my opinion on the final moment of Damon and Bonnie holding hands – to me it’s only significance is the courage these two have in the face of not knowing what’s to come but at least they are not alone, and it gives them some comfort. I hope that my answer makes my review a little bit clearer.