The Vampire Diaries 5×21 ‘Promised Land’: Truth about full catered buffets and rainbows

Source: The CW

For once I agree with Damon – Mystic Falls is an awful place to live in. If you are not fed on by a bored vampire, you will be turned into one for a useless sacrifice. Option C – you get possessed by a weird hobo witch. Add to that list schools with the worst attendance records, one bar and horrible shops. People get killed at every corner and the scary thing is, the lucky survivors just drive past as about 100 of chanting dudes drop dead. So in my humble opinion yes, they should blow up the town as the promo shows.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW


Wow. Ok. We are used to deaths happening in Mystic Falls like it is a regular weekend chore but can I admit to being taken aback by Stefan’s “death”? Yes, “death”- because we all know that death means nothing on this show and characters can always be brought back by some spell, sacrifice, etc. But this happened in a way that is very …real. Like, when people getting stabbed by addicts for 5 dollars cash…meaning you could not see it coming and when it did – snap. A life is gone. Kudos to Candice Accola for Caroline’s reaction. The characters are so used to someone dying in a big sort of way, that small deaths (pardon the comparison) seem to shock them more because they are also used to being killed so often and knowing they can come back because vampire. Even Caroline’s call out for help weirdly fitted the situation so well – she really did not know what to do except the natural thing – cry out for anyone because she was in shock. Stefan is dead for now and I can’t wait to see how Damon will react to this. I was always team Salvatore brothers over the DES triangle and the pairings. I am generally always rooting for siblings, so this was a second painful tv experience because Jet and Cord are out of The Amazing Race. Damon will be crushed even if we can not see so in the promo, but I feel he will because Stefan is his brother, whom he can’t live without. Seriously, they did not have much of a talk in this episode except the exchange on the phone but in that conversation it showed that Damon obviously cares that Stefan brings Elena back safely, but he also wants his brother back safely. I was also thrilled to find out how exactly the spell would work on the vampires in going backwards and them having to relive being killed, although it was weird seeing the Salvatores being shot out of nowhere ( and why didn’t Caroline start choking as when Kat strangled her with a pillow), but I was really bumped to see that it was quickly over and done with. Plus, I don’t get – did they all turn back human or what? Or will they only die at mid-nights? What? Because awful Markos ( who already started making plans of moving into casa del Salvatore in front of Damon – rude!) said that they have time until midnight. So yeah, plot holes!

Anyway, looks like the finale will be town-blowing!  Peace!

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