The Vampire Diaries 5×20 ‘What Lies Beneath’: Never have I ever…

What Lies Beneath

Never have I ever liked shows which have a problem with reality. Ok, this show is not so much about reality as it is about fantasy but come on, somethings have to stay real, just as a courtesy to us,  poor humans. Like having time to proper hair-dry your hair or packing clothing. Because I have to give credit to the girls on this show having time to look flawless while fighting evil wizards on a daily basis or being drowned by ghosts of ex-boyfriend’s best friend. And if in between they still manage to have a personal life – applause!

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

Uh, I am struggling to find anything else to say about this episode mainly because all this travelers vs. witches drama is very boring. I really don’t get how this is all supposed to tie up in a season where so far we had Silas, Quesywhatever, amnesia-Stefan, human-Katherine, Katelena, passengers, and now Markos…I practically have the same expression Stefan has when he looks at Elena when I am watching an episode like this…..but one thing that deserves credit is that The Other Side is not only crumbling on this show, but also on The Originals – which is really a nice touch, like its good to know its really happening. Anyway, thanks to the spirits, the whole Enzo-was-quasy-kille-by-Stefan-even-though-he-did-it-himself-but-lets-keep-it-a-secret-not-to-hurt-Damon storyline was not dragged out mainly because the season is running out of episodes plus we all know that keeping secrets always turns out bad…so yes, Damon knows and we can move on because there are bigger things to worry about like what is the show planning for the finale – are they actually going to kill Stefan & Elena? Just Elena? Just Stefan? Can I vote for Elena? Will Damon have to make a choice? Oh, God, will they have to make a choice? What I want to know is – where are the people on the Other Side dragged off to? Yes, I already miss Kat because we need more awesome people on this show and the cute actors are just not cutting it anymore. Even having shirtless hunks and creepy caves is already such a bathroom break moment. On a more positive note – Caroline is really into Stefan so yay! I mean, look at him in the above picture – he is clearly over Elena. So if you care to care about the finale – at least the romantic side of the show is promising to deliver some time soon. I hope, I don’t know. Peace!


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