The Vampire Diaries 5×19 ‘Man on Fire’: Idiots of girlfriends past

Man on Firel

Am I the only one who thinks TVD has decided to quit being all about the drama and become like a sitcom? I think that is the genre where when a character does anything remotely funny the audience laughs as if that is the best joke ever. The episode started in a college break/coffee lounge room with Stefan helping Elena study and then went on to Enzo busting in and accusing Stefan of murdering his one true love. There was music, there was booze, there was annoying Enzo, Damon the clown and Elena talking like she smokes 6 packs a day. 

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

I mean the show is making less and less sense by the week – have the writers split up or something? And the whoever gets to direct the garbage the come up with is just handed piles of script he just makes whatever the episode turns out to be? Like really, in the show’s timeline the characters are taken hostage, tied up, chained up, tortured, killed, brought back to life so often – how on earth are we supposed to believe that Elena has any time to sit through any classes or study for that matter? And still in the middle of all this mess the only thing anyone cares about is who they get to sleep with. Elena it seems can not get anywhere until her relationship status is updated and maybe that is the reason why Caroline was missing this episode. Bonnie though surprised me most this episode – so apparently the Other Side is crumbling and when that happens Bonnie is going to be useless even in afterlife and she now has to say adios to her amigos. So Bonnie in an attempt to stay seen asks Liv for help and is like come on, there is always a loophole, always a spell…always a sacrifice. I could not believe it when those words actually left Bonnie’s mouth because wow…how did we come to this? Who does Bonnie think will willingly volunteer to sacrifice themselves even if that was possible? In other news annoying Enzo decided to get revenge on Stefan because he thought Stefan rippered her back in the 60’s and cue revenge. Side bar – how is it physically possible that a 160-something year-old vampire can’t break a few ropes or hurt Enzo in some very strong way? – Anyway, Damon confesses his murder and so Enzo turns off his humanity and decides to ….ahhh be emotionlessly annoying. So Stefan does all the viewers a favor and sort of kills Enzo. Now here is the part that gets really interesting – after a typical day in Mystic Falls the Salvatores have a bro-to-bro conversation where Damon tells Stefan that he can not let go of Enzo and will fix him because he owes him…and so does Stefan because Enzo never allowed Damon to hate Stefan or something. Ok, first of all no – where was Damon’s faithfulness when he left Enzo dying in the fire? And B – if Damon finds out that Stefan “had a hand in”  in killing Enzo (LOL) , he really does not have the right to be very angry at Stefan because Lexie. Lawyered! Peace, until next time)


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