The Vampire Diaries 5×18 ‘Resident Evil’: We can always go kill people!

Resident Evil

Almost a few minutes into the episode and I did not even realize how great an option that was if I knew what was to follow. This episode was more weird than it was boring. This season started off with prophecies about why Elena and Stefan are drawn together and in typical Vampire Diaries fashion this useless plot was destroyed in just a few seconds – so why bother then even? This was Paul Wesley’s directorial debut and it is such a shame he had to direct such awful writing. Instead even the characters were very bored with what was happening.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

The whole fantasy storyline was absurd – it only gave a glimpse into what Stefan and Elena’s lives would have been if they were human. Normal dates, awkward silences, first kisses, meeting parents, getting married and having kids. Cute, but this is not what a teenage show needs or wants because this show has turned into being only centered on naked hunks making out with girls too busy thinking about anything else than their personal life. Geez, no wonder Klaus and Elijah left to be on a more mature show. Anyway, Markos is a snooze fest – he brought nothing but a shadow with him and I could not care less about why everyone is being possessed. Enzo’s storyline is still making me hope he dies soon. And there was no scenes with Stefan and Caroline…so boo! Awful, awful episode directed by Mr. Wesley. I am seriously worried about how all these ends are supposed to tie up in the end because this was episode 18, meaning we have just about 4 episodes left. Gosh, and I used to think season 3 was bad towards the end but I guess just like Gossip Girl, this show will end up following in its footsteps. At least the fashion was good there. But this show is trying so hard to find something new to say but in the end we have heard it all before.



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