The Vampire Diaries 5×17 ‘Rescue Me’: Spoiler Alert!

Rescue Me

In case you still did not get it after 5 seasons – the world revolves around Miss Gilbert. Seriously, the show is so much pushing this idea that  it is starting make me wonder if my life is also somehow affected by this horrid fictional character. But forget that the episode was much more hilarious than stupid, that minus all the gag moments involving Delena, I quite liked what I saw – yes, all the 50 seconds of Caroline cuddling up to Stefan AND their hands together upon waking up plus the cute blondie witches and a shadow coming out of Bonnie – almost legendary.

Rescue MeOk, sidebar – I am feeling really nostalgic as I type this because I just saw “Inside Actors Studio” with the cast of HIMYM and just catching up on all those moments and realizing that next Monday is the last episode of a show I started watching at the end of high school, all way through university and into my second year of working – just so bittersweet. And it also made me realize – I will never feel this way about TVD, because even with 9 seasons of HIMYM not all being awesome, every season still had created something awesome and memorable. This show, unfortunately, revolves around the same issue – who is Elena going to sleep with more often….and occasionally that is interrupted by some creep coming to Mystic Falls to declare how evil he is…Anyway here is a quick recap of all the important points that I loved and hated:

1. Caroline and Stefan – cue Donna Summer cause “I Feel Love”!

2. Elena has the weirdest wallpaper on her phone (thank you, Price Peterson).

3. Speaking of the stupid doppelgänger, everything and I mean EVERYTHING involving Elena being a) at school, b) at a parent-teacher conference, c) trying to find logic behind Jeremy not doing well at school…is just facepalm. I loved that Jer gave his opinion on the “Elena is the center of attention” topic.

3.1. To the people behind the soundtrack for the show – not cool to use “Do I Wanna Know” by The Arctic Monkeys to show Delena not being able to keep their pants on …. Alex Turner does NOT deserve that!

4. Looks like Liv passed New Orleans on her way to Mystic Falls because her witchittude is awesome!

5.  Credit where credit is due – this show knows how to do mass murder scenes – the travelers dying and passing through poor Bonnie was really a powerful scene.

6. Hunk’s Club – Jer, Matt, Tyler and Luke Skywalker all teaming up protect Elena is cool on the one hand, but Elena being Elena is about to drive back to college by herself, so I think whatever they are already planning, they need to put in motion plan B already.

7. Enzo is still alive and I don’t know why the show is trying to make me like him. They were only able to do that with Klaus and that is because he has/had game. Also, please can everyone stop discussing Caroline’s personal life…geez.

So, Markos is here. LOL. Remember when Klaus arrived in Mystic Falls. Ahh, the good old days.  Anyway, I am off to re-watch Caroline and Stefan’s scenes on Youtube and scan Tumblr for new gifs! Peace!


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