The Vampire Diaries 5×16: ‘While You Were Sleeping’: Still wish you were

While You Were Sleeping

So what another waste of a storyline just so that Damon and Elena can shirtless hug again. Well, if this episode has taught me anything is that actually Damon and Elena make perfect sense. Yeah, I did not see it before but selfish people should really be together and in terms of this show it is ok to blackmail, threaten and straight-up murder if your only goal is to prove a point – love sucks. It is fine, just let Damon and Elena be because these two psychos deserve each other. So I’ll be quick again because this was all yawn.


Source: The CW

Source: The CW

The episode started out with a scene that was beyond ridiculous so much that you immediately could tell – LIE! Elena? Dancing Coyote Ugly style? As Bonnie, Caroline and Matt and Jer look on and cheer? Puhhhhlease. So hobo Elena was really back and while the episode did bring in a few good mentions of HOW ON EARTH did no one notice Kat being Elena, it was just swished away and most problems are on the show ever since season 3. And as usual everyone was putting their life on the line to save Elena. Sound familiar? Like s1-5 familiar. Also as usual Elena found the time to think about her personal life and catch-up on the latest gossip (Klaus and Caroline? OMG, and Tyler knows? ) all while suffering from werewolfvenominhersystemplusvampirerubbiesilitis. The hallucinations were actually a nice touch because I always appreciate when the show makes an effort to make us understand the psychology of being that messed-up, like way back in s4 when Elena was in transition. Because come on, that is xxxxxx times more interesting than coughing up blood, bleeding noses and just plain blood-thrust. Even Elena thinking she caused Aaron’s death was great writing. This chick needs to feel more guilt! She is awful beyond words and it was plain entertainment to see her true colors come out Damon-style. She wanted to get out of the house so she took a page from Damon’s murder book –   threaten someone Bonnie cares about. Oh and no talk about being forgiven later on, trust me. It will be all written of on “I was not myself'”. Which, really I am tired of hearing about on this show. Yes, you all are cold-blooded murderers, whether happy or angry. Admit it! As for the cure story line as expected Stefan has to be tortured to get it. Only plus – Caroline was there with him and please can these two just be together already? Not because hot vampire sex – but because genuine real feelings for being there for each other. Also these two at least accept the possibility of finding other ways to get what is needed unlike Delena who go to straight murder. Let’s see – Liv had to be stabbed nearly to death, Matt was nearly killed and Luke was almost turned – just because Delena can’t control themselves when push comes to shove …..all by the way while claiming they can handle it. So I dedicate my chosen top caption for this episode – poor Stefan’s brain being fried for some reason that will no doubt have no significance in a few episodes, just like we the poor viewers having to sit through the show cover their old stories worse than Glee did the covers of their covers in the 100th episode. At least’ Toxic’ was awesome. And I’ll save my thoughts on the evil twins until later. They still need to prove being useful. LOL. Peace!

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