The Vampire Diaries 5×15 ‘Gone Girl’: The Queen is dead. Long live the queen.

Gone Girl

Well I guess she at least bowed out perfectly – meaning while we still loved her. I mean, really, did anyone think that the show would kill Katherine in the 100th episode and in such a weak state – being human? Nope, Kat had to go out with a bang and a clean slate (sort of).  And while this episode still was only good because of Kat, the question remains why should we care what happens next as the only awesome character has finally been “killed off”. So this will be quick again, basically an eulogy for the cute and gorgeous one.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

First of all, Kat was not only a good mother this week, she was also smart again. Which is how I like my Katherine – cool and with the most fashionable thinking cap on. It was great how she was fighting for her daughter and avoiding the silly traps the Scooby gang tried to trick her into. Um, hello, she is only impersonating Elena, not actually being the dull trashcan. Like a pro she can get herself out of all the usual things Elena can’t say no to. She knew instantly what was going on and she was on her game the entire time. I applauded her for  telling everyone of because really her actions towards Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie and The Salvatores – is really what made the show great in the beginning. She was this mystic legend in s1, a ruthless villain in s2, very badly written in s3 & 4 and the best thing about s5. Think about it, without her back story – we would have never been introduced to the Originals. Take a moment to think about that….if it weren’t for Katherine, we would have never met Elijah and his awesome suits, Klaus and his sexy temper, Becks and her sassy attitude. Yes, we can go into a whole discussion about HOW she brought in all those stories was never pretty, but still, lets be honest that we all love a good villain much more than the hero. What I loved most is the finishing touch – yes, Katherine is many things but her greatest characteristic, which always awed me was her being a psychopath, meaning I loved her for making Elena miserable. So it would only be logical that when Kat goes down, she takes Elena with her. So now Elena is sick with the Ripper virus AND here is what should drive the so dull s5 forward. Therefore, I conclude my short review with explaining the choice for the above chosen picture, which today represents us, still poor viewers who look at the show like Katherine would at Jeremy – it is fun having you in our lives, if only you weren’t so annoying at times. Au revoir!



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