The Vampire Diaries 5×14 ‘No Exit’: Are we there yet?

No Exit

I have to be honest here and just straight out warn all those 2,5 people who read my reviews that this is going to be sweet and short. Because I can take the music from Romeo & Juliette  being used in every 5 dancing skating pairs, but really watching TVD just write a bad episode using the same old ideas just changing characters in positions is really unbearable. At least with ice skating the short and free programs take in total 10 minutes, but watching the show feed me the same dish and not even bothering to do it right is just appalling. 

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

So the main thing is Kat stopped being awesome the moment she decided to be Elena for life and get into Stefan’s pants. I mean, the girl just gave herself away so easily, you can’t help but wonder why it took these ‘students’ forever to figure her out. So yeah, that finally happened. Also Damon has control issues with his vampire-eating habits, Enzo is still alive, Nadia is the next Rose. Caroline was being way more dumb than usual thinking she and Tyler could just get back together in a snap. Like really, the big bad wolf may not be the most useful character or interesting one for that matter but he was really the only normal one here this episode. Caroline in a way was a silly as Kat, trying to make it quick with the ex. Ugh, children. Stefan also took forever to glue together things like a suddenly broken engine thing and Elena being overly seductive, which come on, was like never the garbage can’s talent. I guess the only useful thing we learned is the reason as to why Matt is the only human left standing – we apparently all love him and that is why he is STILL alive….which I think in the show’s fatal voice means – he is a goner. Soon. Anyway, this episode sucked so much the only review it deserves is the above caption of Damon sitting chained to a chair – a metaphor for all us weirdos who a) still watch this show for reasons and b) think it still has tricks.  Peace!

Hi! My name is Liza, nice to meet you! TV shows became a very big part of my life ever since The OC appeared on my screen in the awesome summer of 2003 (almost 10 years!). Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, HIMYM, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Glee and of coarse, Revenge (who does not watch that?!) – you name it. Also I don’t only watch TV, I also love talking about it! So lets discuss, shall we?


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    LOL awesome review and I agree 100%