The Vampire Diaries 5×13 ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’: Psycho does not fall far from the tree

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Let’s see. Kidnapping – check. Blackmail – check. Bonnie being useless – check. Katherine being hilariously awesome – check. Caroline being a OCD control freak on crack – check. Tyler being in an episode…yes, check. Basically, if you are Sherlock (which recently became my new addiction) you would have put all these facts together by now and new two things – classic TVD  episode and no need to watch it. Because aside from still cheering for Caroline and Stefan to hook up, everything was irrelevant and boring. Matt had one good line though. And Elena was not there to care again, which is bitter-sweet, right? 

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

Ok, so to break it down there were three main storylines, let’s start with the ugh one first – Damon and Enzo. Ugh, just die already, either just Enzo or both. These two go off on a killing spree. But who cares? We all know that by the end Damon will get back to his senses and all will be forgiven in the TVD universe. Next! But before, what was will all the sci-fi / thriller sequence in the beginning? Like when Stefan opened up that car and saw Aaron’s body? Did the writers think we would be shocked to see him dead? More like a) happy and b) not shocked. At. All!. I only kept wishing Stefan would just kill Enzo off. Did I mention I don’t like Enzo? Ok, just checking. Because I don’t. Moving on KathElena is having a blast being fake Elena – she is happy and sunny, great style sense on which even Caroline picked on. She deletes all photos of Delena on her phone and it’s like heaven has finally arrived. Oh and before DE fans get upset, why don’t you answer me why would Elena keep that photo of her and Stefan on her phone, taken clearly at the time of them being together? Yeah, think about that. The hilarious part is, Katherine still needs to be on Elena duty – being there for psycho Caroline and dragging Bonnie in for the ride. Oh and get this, they still act  like college is a thing. Oh gosh, this show. Seriously, with three Originals aces the show had already lost, Katherine is only one remaining still valid for the game. So Katherine has a cheat-sheet – Matty Blue Eyes, with whom she regularly checks in to figure out who are all these irrelevant characters Elena is supposed to care about. But she is in  this only for the golden price – Stefan. Although, she like I am starting to sense some competition in Caroline, which please let it happen. Anyway the best parts of the episode was Katherine pretending to care for either Damon and Jeremy and making sure with Nadia as to where her priorities lie. I just can’t wait to see where she slips and when they all find out she is in Elena’s body. And all the little smiles and eye-rolling is just great. Katherine is like the audience sometimes and that is why I love her so much. Finally, Damon has been turned into a vampire killing vampire. Which will apparently cause trouble and everybody will be trying to save him in the next episode. So yeah, that is about it.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW


– Katherine trying to save Jeremy because seriously if Stefan was not occupied with Enzo, Katherine would have failed trying to prove she cares

– Caroline shredding her boyfriend’s stuff. Because Caroline

– Jeremy trying to act like he is still relevant. Also, guess all his hunter training went down the toiler since he could not handle Enzo

– Bonnie is still trying to help…oh sweetie, just go

– I have to repeat myself here but Matt delivered one of the best lines of this episode about Nadia and Katherine

Ok, so when are we going to find out why Stefan and Elena were hijacked for all the blood?

Until then, bye!




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