The Vampire Diaries 5×12 ‘The Devil Inside’: The awful truth

The Devil Inside

Yep, this episode confirmed more than ever that if it weren’t for Katherine, there would be zero reason to watch this show after 5 years. She is the light and sunshine of this episode, she is a badass all the time and she is the character to look up to while everyone just does things and then regret them and either go into OCD-stress or drown their sorrows in booze. But Katherine Pierce while being who is – is always 100% true to her self…and she rarely regrets her decisions. Unlike others she accepts her inner demons and it makes her more awesome.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

The episode was entertaining for only two reasons – watching Katherine fool everyone and keep the suspense as to will the spell work and the music. Sidebar – how many good tunes did the show use this episode? A++++++! Keep up the good work. Anyway, the whole point of the episode was to show how every character battles with the devil inside. In Damon’s case it all depends on his diva attitude and if Elena smiled at him today, otherwise he just believes he is bad when we all know he has more good than bad, but he chooses the bad to shine over the good. I don’t know, but Damon’s character has reduced to being the Chuck Bass of this show – whenever he is not with his loved one, he retaliates by drinking, killing and being bad. I don’t know or care really about him anymore. Also I just want someone to kill Enzo but I will rant about that later. Moving on, Stefan deals with his ripper demons by having the best people around tell him that he is actually not as a creep as he can be. Caroline on the other hand, was a mess this episode – she feels guilty for hooking up with Klaus. I don’t think she should be. Look, by this point in the show’s time line they are all monsters who have done horrible things, yet for some reason Klaus is the one who gets pointed at. I think someone should show Caroline a montage of what exactly went down in the woods because it was not just scandalous sex, it was something she wanted to happen. Sleeping with Klaus would have been horrifying back in s2 or 3 after really all the crazy stuff he did. But now given how much blood Tyler, Caroline, Klaus, Damon, Stefan and Elena have on their hands….please, I don’t think anyone of them is in a position to judge. Which is why I loved that Stefan defended Caroline. Also I laughed how he said he hasn’t got an idea as to what Klaus saw in her. He gave it to her straight. Because Stefan has been there, he saw how many times Klaus saved Caroline’s life (even if he caused it to be endangered) and how many little things her did for her. So I am sure he gets it. Plus, Klaus did the one thing Tyler did not – choose her over revenge fantasies….and isn’t that all a girl what for Valentine’s Day?

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

One thing is certain – Katherine wants it all – her daughter, immortality and Stefan (although I think he is more interested in another blond). Katherine continues to amaze me with her development. She did not take Elena’s body just to be mean and take something away from Elena. She wants a fresh start, a new life, try to be a good mother. Because she is finally free of Klaus and why not? Not saying that what she is going is right but hey, at least she owns up to it! While being super hilarious by the way. I can’t even decide which snark I enjoyed most – the complaint about the ugly red stripe in Elena’s hair, lack of style, Elena’s friends being control freaks and needy or Elena being the garbage taking out girl at parties….or the mention that in Mystic Falls is ready to die for her…the list goes on and on. Ahhh, that was good. I am just really interested in how long she will be able to pose as Elena because her true Katherine colors really pop when she just can’t help but use or get someone into trouble. As she did with Caroline and Tyler and Matt…and Damon. Sidebar – how many of you guessed instantly as to why she asked Matt in the beginning exactly how Elena broke up with him? Brilliant!

Now Enzo….Oh my, please get rid of this character – useless, not funny, boring and weirdly not attractive. Seriously, a huge fail on all the departments of the show. Also Tyler…what is his deal now? Just to be a jerk? With a big-ass mansion? One more fail – I don’t see where we are going in the second half of this season. The Whitmore college story line is interesting from 1 to never episodes. So what is next?

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