The Vampire Diaries 5×11 ‘500 Years of Solitude’: Breaking bad

500 Years of Solitude

Anniversaries have different effects on people. For some it is the day the remember how awesome they have been for years. For others it is just a date. Some just use it as an excuse to throw a party and make it all about themselves and force others to celebrate with them because….well, how can you decline an invitation that begins with “I am turning a X years old…”. But the thing is you might be dreading going to this party, but sometimes it ends up surprising you in a good way. Like this show did again in this 100 episode.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

First of all, wow, who would have thought I of all people would be reviewing the 100th episode of a show about vampires and diaries…and here I am talking to myself while my brain is  face palming. Like really. Why did this show manage to keep us interested for 5 years….I found my answer in this entire episode. Like I said before, I started watching this somewhere in s2 only….around the episode after the Masquerade. Because that is when this show became really entertaining for others – doppelgagners, first mention of the originals, and curses. This episode focused on Katherine Pierce for a reason – she has been the driving force behind all the story lines and her legacy is what came to be two separate show now.  And while the idiots in the Salvatore’s living room where all toasting to her death its clear they have not learned anything….especially that even on her death-bed Katherine Pierce will outsmart all of them. So she did.

Second, I loved how we got to see all the amazing old cast members. Aunt Jenna, Alaric, Katherine’s handmaiden (sorry, can’t remember her name), Vicki….gosh, good old times when the show still had so many humans that mattered. Also a big high-five to the writer who made uncle John come back just to “chop” Katherine’s fingers off.  The Originals popping in was slightly weird because only Elijah sort of appeared to say good-bye to Katherine, while it seems like Klaus came only to see Caroline, which he did, but I will get to that part later. Thirdly, there were flashbacks to the most important pieces of the story line – why Katherine came to run from Klaus, how she really wanted to be a mother, how she came to Mystic Falls and first laid eyes on Stefan. The episode basically reminded us of why we all came to love Katherine so much – and how she became to be so. Not because she wanted to, but because life really did force her. Hey, life is sometimes like that and its interesting how only Stefan thought of that…not the humanist Elena or always optimistic Bonnie and super-brain Caroline. She had become a survivor by only means she knew how. Unfortunately, not really good ones, but that is the story of her life. Only thing is, I wish I saw Klaus come to her and have a little chat.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

Other thoughts

– Caroline kisses Klaus. Then they both smiled. Great moment.

– Then they went at it and while yeah ok, but way too soon.

– Katherine possessing Elena. Not surprising really, given how the moment she decided not to repeat those words to switch bodies with her own daughter it became soooooo clear that she had a plan.

– What did Matt and Rebekah do in the woods? Also, I thought Rebekah did not care for Matt given how awesome she is on the other show.

– LOL at the moment Katherine forced her ghost to come back to her body after Elena heard her heart stop.

-LOLOLOL at Katherine playing stupid Elena Gilbert at the mirror. BREAKING. BAD. Love her!


Anything you would like to comment on? See you next week!

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  • Kendra Beltran

    I hated how obvious the ending was going to be…but Klaus and Caroline, wonderful!

  • QMargo

    Exactly…but its also funny, given how Elena even said earlier in the episode as to how many times Kat has impersonated her. …still its Kat and I guess because we are so used to her tricks is why nobody was surprised. Klaus and Caroline, OMG…tumblr is going wild!