The Vampire Diaries 5×10 ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’: Kill me now

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If I had to sum up this episode in just one word it would probably be horrible. Just awful and stupid because if after 99 episodes THIS is what the show does in a mid-season finale, I wash my hands. So forgive but this review is mostly going to consist of a list of why this episode was awful in every possible way – soapy opear type story lines, lame main big bad, a very medium interesting cliffhanger and a title of the episode that did not live up to the whatever was going on. So yeah, sorry, but awful truth time. 

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

1. The title

Ok, don’t really care about the upcoming movie, but if you want to use a catchy title to attract attention to something, at least make it worth it. Otherwise, it backfires. So what exactly have we learned about Elena’s dad, Grayson? That he was experimenting on vampires? Saving lives of humans? Ok, and? Where was the fifty shades element of that? Waste of time.

2. Meet Enzo, the Augustine vampire.

So why did we have to abandon the whole Silas/Crazy pants/Queshyah storyline….just to find out in one episode that Enzo is the Augustine vampire, who has killed Megan and….so? what? And to make matters worse, Enzo spent the entire episode ranting on and on about how Damon betrayed him to people who a) don’t really care about him, and b) Damon for that matter. Basically, he was like Serena just making everything about himself. Dude, seriously?

3. Elena was an idiot

But we already knew that, ok? So the mad scientist locked her up and tested on her and was almost successful in trying to turn her into a vampire who eats other vampires? Basically, when it came down to getting saved all Elena had to do was to say to the prof to come near her and begin whispering something before BOOM! She could have knocked him out and but her some time to save herself. No need for team Salvatore.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

4. Delena broke up

Yawn. Do the writers still think we care about Elena’s dating life?

5. Supporting cast

For once in a really long time I found myself thinking what were Bonnie and Jeremy and Caroline up to this whole time because lol, Damon and Elena have been missing for some time and nobody noticed? Not even Caroline who specifically called Elena and was not even in the slightest suspicious that her best friend did not pick up?

6. Katherine’s life is left hanging

Katherine can never do too wrong because that she just how she is and makes up for everything with her awesome attitude but still, she was ageing way to fast and started acting just plain weird. So I don’t know what she was really up to at the end of the episode but her tumbling down the stairs was not as much shocking as like I hope this is not the way she bows out. Katherine deserves an amazing death. Sounds weird, but you know what I mean.

So yeah, that is all I could come up with for this review as this was the worst episode ever for the show. I used to think it was ‘Ghost World’ but I guess this one definitively takes the cake. See ya next time for the 100th episode!


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