The Vampire Diaries 4×22 ‘The Walking Dead’: They’re Back!

The Walking Dead

Ok, so I jumped the gun last time thinking we were in for an “April’s Fool Day” graduation episode….I apologize. Before the season 4 finale we were supposed to watch an episode called “The Walking Dead” because well, there were loads of dead people walking around, although its kind of hilarious and weird at the same time given that 99% of the population in Mystic Falls  are dead supernatural creatures….walking around so yeah…..come on, which other way could this episode be titled in this season of ‘creativity’. Anyway, lets quickly dissect what happened before we get to the finale predictions.


They’re baaaaaack!

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

May I make confession? Actually seeing all the dead characters back made me realize that even with the uneven writing and various plot holes, its the lack of the supporting cast that ruins the show for me. Think about, the main characters as much as they are given in terms of the storyline, we enjoy them best when they are interacting with others not just within the triangle of doom. Stefan and Lexie make us smile. Damon and Alaric make us laugh. Elena and Jeremy’s relationship made everything happening to the Gilberts feel real. Kol is just too awesome and thats just a fact. Because as much I love Stefan and Caroline’s relationship and adore scenes between Damon and Katherine – its still mostly revolves around the same plot – Elena and yada yada yada. And now that Bonnie is a goner too, boy, I think we can count on one hand how many characters there are really left in Mystic Falls (don’t be fooled, Becks is set to leave for New Orleans). So in terms of seeing the old familiar faces being back was great. Kol beating up Elena priceless. Stefan hugging Lexie – OMG, I don’t think Stefan has been that happy since ever. Same can be said for Damon and Alaric. In terms of the plot line, I don’t know what to even say. Bonnie lifted the veil and now since she is dead, does that mean the veil is not going up and all of our faves get to stick around? Or what is the catch here? Because we are approaching what seems to be a hard battle finale – for the cure and Silas’s body. The hunters and as it looks from the promo pics witches will be against the vampires of Mystic Falls, which is brings us to…

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

What awaits us in the finale:

1. Someone is going to take the cure. Thats a known fact, confirmed by Julie Plec, so who will it be. Taking into account that Damon has it, I have a few thoughts: first of all, Damon is not good at hiding things *caugh*moon stone*caugh* ; second, which means the cure will be taken by someone by accident AND thirdly, in the grand traditions of drama tv, it will probably be someone who does not want to be human. But having watched the season finale promo and seeing a familiar Elena gasp, I am still thinking Elena might be the one to actually get it. Finally, Caroline’s words from multiple episodes ago might come back to haunt her – “I probably won’t even get it” said Caroline to Klaus. Also don’t forget she does not want to be human again, so yeah, maybe it will be her.

2.  Someone is dying because this is TVD, remember that.  So at this point it can be anyone.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

3. Elena is being back to normal, which means its time for “Choose a brother” part of our program. Taking into account the unspoken moments between Elena and the brothers in this episode and how both their best friends encouraged them to get the girl – Lexie told Stefan that Elena hitting Stefan was a hint and Alaric gave Damon the cure….we are back to this again.

4.  Klaus will be back, so yeah!

Other quick bites:

- Stefan seems to have the best time when he is surrounded by blondes – exhibit a) Lexie, b) Becks and c) Caroline.

- I will never believe that Elena could take on Katherine and hold her against those pipes for so long….NEVER!

- How creepy was it to see Caroline cutting her wrists for Silas.

- How awkwardly sweet was it to see Becks being concerned for Caroline and trying to get her back to normal?

- Again, Kol beating up Elena – priceless.

Ok, next time, we are really in for a pseudo-graduation, only instead of sacrifice rituals and driving of bridges without arising suspicion, there will be an epic battle between hunters and witches and vampires…in full daylight as it seems. While everyone else is busy posing for graduation pics… Can’t wait.

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