The Vampire Diaries 4×13 ‘Into The Wild’: Are We LOST?

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ok, can we talk about this episode please? How many LOST shout outs did you catch? My favorite part was the cellphone having not any reception…because isn’t that like a typical scenario cliché and also if I remember correctly it was Boone who said almost the exact same thing back in the pilot of the once great if slightly confusing (actually very) show. Oh well, what can we do except just to accept? Anyway, this episode certainly did not leave up to hype the cliffhanger line Damon left us with last week  - “Here we go”…as it turned out to be just 40 minutes of excessive eye-rolling and waiting impatiently when the scenes would switch to Klaus being just awesome:


Out Of Mystic Falls…

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

So somehow Shane managed to get out of the interrogation room and recruit former and current couples – Stefan, Rebekah, Jeremy, Bonnie, Elena and Damon – to go onto some island because now that Jeremy’s mark is complete, innocent people and hybrids have been sacrificed, Bonnie has mastered black magic and the head stone has been acquired (worst check list ever to go through by the way) we can thus begin part deux with regards to the cure. Now, here is where I really want to take a moment and complain about the information overload the writers poured onto us via Shane that for some reason could not have been spread out in the previous 12 episodes:

- Shane wants to bring back Silas because that will reconnect him with his wife

- Who was a witch and died from overload of “expression”

- Which is where Bonnie comes in because a) he can help her control it when she does that super dangerous spell to bring back a psycho maniac and b) she is related to the witch who originally made Silas immortal and whom he betrayed because he wanted to be immortal with another woman (please, not another triangle!)

- Oh and there is just one more tinsy-winsy thing Shane has to get done on the check list – one final sacrifice, hence why he gathered so many vampires with him on this trip.  Geez, supernatural cook-books are so hard to follow.


Source: The CW

Source: The CW

If you were watching  this and feeling your brain going into bizarre overload, find comfort in the thought that while all of this was happening, there were actually quite a few LOL moments:

- Each and every vampire in this group was wearing WARM WINTER CLOTHING! As in supernatural creatures who move at the speed of light and are able to compel people, and who are DEAD as fact..still bother to wear scarfs, warm jackets and hats. I don’t understand anything anymore.

- Rebekah points out that Elena has no point what so ever to be there in the first place, basically calling her irrelevant…Oh Becks, are you sure you weren’t the real Gossip Girl?

- The writers actually gave Damon a line where he questions the location of the cure not being on some nice island like Hawaii…

- Shane offering Damon sun screen… between that and the warm clothes, I think the writers have an odd sense of humor.

Lastly, on the love front Damon and Elena quarreled over taking the cure because Elena wants to be human and Damon admitted that he does not…yada yada yada yada…and Stefan took one more step in the right direction of getting out of that ill-fated previous relationship of his by admitting that he will be taking the cure for himself, not for Elena. Amen, finally something is not about her.


Source: The CW

Source: The CW

Back in Mystic Falls

I just want to go out and say this now that Klaus might be a ruthless killer and psychopathic creep but keeping someone stuck in a house where your brother was killed does not make the members of the Scooby gang any better.  Anyway, I was slightly surprised to see Tyler being Klaus’s first visitor and going all “I rule, you drool” on him.  Especially when ANYTHING could have gone wrong back at camp vampire and what if Bonnie’s magic wore off….would not that be just slightly funny? Caroline actually had a good point about telling Tyler not to stoop to Klaus’s level and did a very good job at reminding Klaus about all other deaths he is responsible for. The line about wasting calories was such a classic Caroline thing to say and staking her with a lamp is such a Klaus thing to do! I was really caught by surprise when it happened because at first I thought, that he will be keeping Caroline as leverage and maybe just to kiss in front of Tyler…. but this is Klaus, remember….he bit her!

Oh yeah, he can still bite a vampire because he is half-werewolf, and he can also cure them! Also, it got me thinking that Klaus is not all gentle when it comes to Caroline, he can hurt her, so that is some food for thought for all you Caroline+Klaus shippers! Of coarse, we knew that Caroline would not really die and that he would eventually cure her and I guess we can give Tyler the nod for making Klaus actually for once maybe feel responsible or as Tyler put it “in control” of someone’s life. Yet, I did not get the pay-off from all of it. I would rather have Caroline mock Klaus into giving her the cure to point out that he prefers the easy of way of getting what he wants because he is superior to all of them instead of Caroline doing a psycho-analysis of his soul by him being the standing patient and her the laying doctor.  Still, it was kind of touching that Caroline did not beg for the cure and how Klaus actually for once felt the seconds of someone’s life slipping through his fingers. Nicely done!

So next week, we will be going ‘Down The Rabbit Hole” and who knows what else we will find there or better yet will we care.  Comments?

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