The Vampire Diaries 4×12 ‘A View To Kill’: Healthy Scepticism

A View to a Kill

Ok, don’t get me wrong this was a good episode, nay, maybe even great by TVD standards – lots of running around, diabolical plans, unlikely alliances and all that – it was great to see Elena and Jeremy managing to do something on their own and killing an Original without other supernaturals involved, Bonnie got to use her powers and leave us with surprisingly interesting turn of events and the episode was filled with good quotes….still there were quite a few things I was raising my brow at that it took my focus away from all the action and left me rather annoyed:

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

1. People going around like the own the place – and being terrible at it!

Sorry, but I have to talk about Bonnie’s dad here. I mean, Bonnie alone is a character that has been so undeveloped and so misused over the seasons that I just can’t help but feel annoyed that precious screen time is being wasted on her relatives (of coarse, except Grams). Her father, who I believe has been MIA forever on this show and in Bonnie’s life, for some reason has the ability to cancel school dances, install curfews and “pull strings” to get the vervain water supply back in action…and if that is not enough he invites probably the most irrelevant and dull character back into town – Abbie, whom I can not even look at because to me the actress looks super bored with her role. Anyway, yeah how is all the happening and why are we supposed to care about this? No idea.


Source: The CW

Source: The CW

2.  Misuse of The Originals

Initially, I thought the idea of us meeting The Originals was great – they were all so different, well, at least the first three. Kol, was always someone I was on a fence about – on the hand he looks super charming and is sort of the perfect combination of the best in Elijah and Klaus – badass but with at least some morals; and on the other hand, well, what was he there for really? I actually remember Klaus mentioning in season 3 that he had hopes for Kol and I got excited at that point because that meant two things – more of Joseph Morgan on my screen and Kol being developed. But season 4 started and none of that happened until two episodes ago Kol re-entered the scene only to be killed by none other than Jeremy three episodes later….and that’s when I was getting into the idea of watching the spin-off as Kol only mentioned New Orleans twice this whole episode. But why kill him? Stake him, put him to sleep but why murder?! Things could have been so much more fun and entertaining if Elena actually had made a pact with him, and he would keep Damon compelled as his leverage and then we would still have the three teams racing for the cure, and having one wild card. It is just supper annoying that the show built up quite so much around The Originals and yet all they get are daggers or stakes in their backs and hearts. Anyway, all I hope for now is that when Silas awakens, the dead are supposed to be awakened with him, so maybe I can get Kol back on my screen.

Source: The CW

Source: The CW

3. Fan-fiction vs fan-forums 

This surprised me most – the episode was filled with little elements you would only find in really cheesy fan-fiction or on fan forums:

- Klaus asking Damon on relationship advice?

- Damon ratting out Stefan in front of Elena?

- Stefan returning the favor in a 13 year-old way of reminding about the sire bond?

- Kol referring to Elena as ‘Mary Sue’ vampire?

- Kol having witches in high regard? What was that? A hint or wink to Kol & Bonnie fans? Because those do exist.

- Klaus being the advocate for Team Stefan and Elena?


4. Everything else

So yeah, if you take all that away the episode was actually cool:

- Team Stebekah is so on and I am starting to feel that it is not just about the crazy sex anymore. Stefan told Rebekah himself that “everybody deserves a second chance” when they talked about the cure and I suspect he wants this – a second chance….maybe even with Rebekah.

P.S. How cute were they at the dance?

- We got a Lexie mention, so yay, but no Caroline and no mention of her being Stefan’s new Lexie, so boo!

- Jeremy’s mark is finally complete! Thank the Gods because with the murder rate in that town, I think Mystic Falls’ population is down to 5 people and now innocent people can stop dying….at least for 2 or 3 episodes.

- How amazing was Joseph Morgan in that scene where he sees Kol die? Emmy amazing that is! Also, he finally admitted to not caring about the hybrids! So much relief!


So what did you think? Will you miss Kol? Are you excited for next week’s “Lost” episode?

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