The Vampire Diaries 4×06 ‘We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes’: Don’t Poke A Baby Vampire!

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Wow, that took some time to write out but, hey…if the show can give its episodes such long titles, why can’t I? Ok, so last week’s episode left us with a lot of questions, this week we got quite a few answers. Some were pleasing, some were ok and some were just The Vampire Diaries’ traditional way of explaining things, meaning – just accept it. So which were which? Lets discuss, shall we?

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First, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way, meaning all the guest stars at this point involved in a plot I am still not invested in.  We learned April is connected to Prof Shane because her father had contact with him before…and on the day the council blew up. Anyone remember that? Yeah, so adding to that Prof Shane held an occult seminar at the school and talked about rocks, witches, Silas and someone else whose name I just can not spell out. I guess at some point this is going to make sense but with the show so invested in Elena adapting to her vampire life, whatever is going on here is not pulling its weight compared to everything else.  The only thing useful about this story line so far is that it gives Bonnie and Matt a reason to appear on our screen and I am just going to call it right now that Silas is the “greater evil” that has been mentioned and forgotten about ever since the season premiere. Hopefully, this story line will get picked up soon by everybody because up until now Elena’s vampirism is the only thing that has been working so far.

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Last week left a lot of people guessing why are the hallucinations happening? Will Elena find out about the cure? Who will Jeremy tell about his marks? All these questions were answered, but in my opinion in a very non-consistent way. First of all, we can file the reason for the hallucinations under the very fat file of the show’s traditional way of explaining things – of coarse there was a witch curse stamp on all of this! When a vampire kills a hunter, he hallucinates about him and even in his after-life he continues to haunt and torment him until the vampire can not deal with it anymore and he or she kills him/herself. Again, witch stuff. But how it was handled and shown during the episode can definitively be described as awesome because not only did Elena hallucinate seeing Connor – she ended up hurting a lot of people in the process. She stabbed Jeremy in the neck! She stabbed Stefan almost in the heart! An additional bonus and the absolute best part was the psycho hallucination therapy session Elena had with Katherine! Kat was at her best when she told Elena point-blank that all of this is happening because of her. It was truly awesome!  The answers to the following last two questions, however, were not. After finding out from Shane that the hallucinations can be stopped when the legacy of the dead vampire hunter is passed on to “the potential” – a.k.a. Little Gilbert – everything just set in motion so fast, it felt a little forced. Apparently Jeremy did not feel like keeping a secret about seeing the mark and once he was called in to help – BAM! We saw Jeremy kill one of Klaus’s hybrids. I thought we would at least get a scene where Jeremy contemplates on taking on this new path because, you know, some of the vampires are his friends. But I guess that goes into the “just accept it” category as well.

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Finally, there was the whole issue of how would Elena react to hearing about the cure. Surprisingly, all she did was thank Stefan for trying to help her become a human again and then that was it. No horrific realization that such actually exists and that she killed one of the people linked to it, no talk about how they are going to find…I guess all of that happened off-screen. The only thing tied up into this was the pseudo-triangle, the writers are still trying to convince me to believe in. Damon was the only one whom Elena could see and not hallucinate about Connor, he managed to talk her out of killing herself and when she was about to thank him in a very big way about being there for her – Damon did the right thing of not taking credit for his brother’s actions (yay Team Salvatore brothers!) – and he told her about the cure and how actually Stefan was doing it all for her. Then we saw something that has been built up to in the past few episodes – Stefan broke up with Elena. I wanted to giving him a standing ovation after this scene and the whole show overall, because a) it was done nicely, b) it was more about them drifting apart then about Damon and c) for once Elena had an honest and grown up talk with Stefan. Yes, it happened. It had to. It was about time, really. For those who ship either pair – my condolences and my congratulations.

Lastly, I am going to introduce a new category to my reviews – LOL moments! You have to agree, The Vampire Diaries can be hilarious when they are not trying to be too sad.

So, these are the scenes that made me smile and laugh, feel free to add any of your favorite:

1. Damon’s Van Helsing nickname for Jeremy

2. Jeremy: “Ok, give me a stake, I will kill Damon”

3. Caroline to Klaus: “Don’t get mad, he lost her”. Sorry, but I found this hilarious because Caroline has the guts to say something that you say to an ordinary person when you screw up – to a 1000 year-old Original vampire who can kill only with his stare! That was cute and funny, because we know Klaus’s feelings for Caroline and how she gets away with it!

P.S. I did not feel like talking about the whole Klaus-Caroline-Tyler parts of the episode because they happened just so quickly in between everything, it did not feel epic at all. The only parts that are worthy of mentioning are the first scene where when Klaus leaves they all get so happy about how they managed to fool Klaus – my first reaction was, are you sure he can’t hear you? – and the part where Jeremy killed Chris. R.I.P. Chris – you seemed sweet.

Anyway, what did everyone else think? Comment away!


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  • Kylie Hilton

    I don,t know about everyone else, but the couple I’m most interested in seeing happen is Kluas/Caroline. The hopes of that relationship coming to fruition is the main reason I watch the show.

    • QMargo

      To be honest (like really honest) if it weren’t for Joseph Morgan being a regular ever since Klaus appeared in s2, and of coarse Daniel Gillies (the first TVD episode I ever watched was with him) – I would not be watching this show right now. I am also interested in Klaus and Caroline, but at this point not necessarily in a romance kind of way because I believe that should take time to develop, I just enjoy seeing them interact with each other because both know that at this point they are in a push and pull relationship. But hey, the episode definitively has indicated that Caroline might be starting to see that he really does care for her and is interested in her long term wise. So let’s see where that goes? I hope it goes somewhere exciting because these two are a thrill to watch!