The Originals 4×01 ‘Gather Up the Killers’: So…what’s going on?


I needed a refresher for sure before going into the premiere of The Originals this week. And I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this. Friday is a horrible night to air a show. So CW, let’s put this back on Monday. Anyways, we are five freaking years in the future making Hope practically a grown woman (only not really). While I was a little confused and put off, I kind of got back into the swing of things by the end.

Five years down the line and Marcel is the King of the Quarter again. Good for him, and good for Vincent as well who seems to be happy taking charge of the witches. Everything seems okay there minus the fact that the out of town vampires don’t know how to behave AND figured out that Klaus needs to die to have all the other Mikaelsons taken care of. Of course that didn’t happen because kill Klaus, kill the show and would you really be that ballsy in the season premiere? I don’t think so. Only a show with a larger than life ensemble cast like Grey’s Anatomy can go ahead and play that game…of course they’d never knock off Grey, but you catch my drift.


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So while Klaus lived to see another day, we kind of seen the same song and dance him and Marcel have done the past few seasons. In reality I don’t think Marcel can ever betray the Mikaelsons to the point of no return. Klaus may think his bestie/nemesis has it in him to be as evil as he – I honestly don’t think Marcel does, or else Klaus would’ve been dead during the first season.

Elsewhere wherever the hell Hayley has taken her moving truck that consists of nothing but coffins with her in-laws, she finally got everything she needed to wake Freya and cure the Mikaelsons slumber bites. That includes a wolf she promised she’d let go once she had her venom. Wonder what Freya has planned for this poor wolf girl who got caught up in all of this…Can this family ever just do anything normal? Nah…

Some little things that I am sure we’re all wondering about right now…what was that blue light that random kid saw at the end? Was it Hope? She was drawing that circular figure that was hanging in the room that kid stepped in right before he screamed. She looked spooked right after. Either she is the scary thing, or she can see that crap happening. Also, will it be THAT easy for the Mikaelsons to just roll back into town five years later and not only get Klaus back, but to get back in charge of things?

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